Bakeries In Delhi That Are Known For The Best Vanilla Cakes
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Vanilla is a spice made from orchids in the genus Vanilla, mostly from the pods of the Mexican flat-leaved vanilla variety (V. planifolia). Vanilla is derived from vainilla, a diminutive of the Spanish word vaina (vaina meaning a sheath or a pod), and simply means "small pod." The vanilla orchid vine, named tllxochitl by the Aztecs, was cultivated by pre-Columbian Mesoamericans. The V. planifolia species, more generally known as Bourbon vanilla (from the old name of Réunion, Île Bourbon) or Madagascar vanilla, is grown in Madagascar and its nearby islands in the southwestern Indian Ocean, as well as in Indonesia. Two-thirds of the world's supply of vanilla is grown in Madagascar and Indonesia. Because cultivating the vanilla seed pods is labour-intensive, vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron. Vanilla, on the other hand, is frequently utilised in commercial and domestic baking, perfume-making, and aromatherapy. Before Cortés landed in Mexico, vanilla was completely unknown in the Old World. Vanilla was given its current name by Spanish explorers who arrived on the Gulf Coast of Mexico in the early 16th century. Later that century, vanilla was introduced to Africa and Asia by Portuguese sailors and explorers. When botanist Philip Miller wrote about the genus in his Gardener's Dictionary in 1754, the word vanilla entered the English language. To characterise the shape of the pods, vainilla is derived from the diminutive of vaina, which comes from the Latin vagina (sheath).


Vanilla is a combination of different flavours like sweet, bitter and caramel. It has a sweet aroma with some caramel tones. It tastes sweet and bitter which is a comforting flavour. One of the best and most classic flavours of cake is Vanilla cake. It is adequately sweet and soft. Vanilla cakes can be eaten with or without icing. Plain vanilla cakes are the best snacks to be enjoyed with evening tea or coffee. A slice of fluffy and creamy vanilla cake served with colourful sprinkles on top is everything that our sweet tooth craves. 

Here are some places that serve the best Vanilla cakes in Delhi

Nik Baker's

Nik Baker's is a renowned bakery that is famous for its fabulous brownies, layered chocolate cake, apple tarts and cinnamon rolls. The location is perfect for a coffee date, a quick bite, or simply indulging in comfort cuisine. Freshly baked bread, burgers, sandwiches, quesadillas, pasta, cookies, cream cakes, puddings, brownies, and more are some of the dishes that are worth trying. Their delicious vanilla rainbow cake is a must-have. It is soft and fluffy, and the cream is just as sweet as you'd want.

Price for two- 2000


You won't be able to leave L'Opera empty-handed because they have the most delectable sweets that will melt in your mouth. When it comes to trying exquisitely flavorful cakes, L'Opera is one of the greatest cake shops in Delhi. Their vanilla cakes are beyond delicious. You will feel the exquisite vanilla flavours from around the world with every bite you take. 

Price for two- 1100


Theobroma is one of the most popular bakeries in Delhi. They are famous for their scrumptious cakes and desserts. The vanilla cake is moist, soft, fluffy and creamier than you can ever imagine. It will melt in your mouth like a soft marshmallow and soothe your sweet tooth cravings. 

Price for two- 550

Angel's In My kitchen

They have an incredible selection of cakes, pastries, rolls, and puffs. Whenever hunger pangs strike, one should definitely stop in for a quick bite. This outlet is a sweet-toothed person's dream, with each bite bursting with delicious sweetness. Their vanilla cake feels like heaven. It is so creamier and fluffy. It is one of those cakes that you can eat any time of the day and will satisfy your sweet soul cravings. 


Wengers is the most popular and classic old bakery in Delhi. They are known for their delicious hard to resist candies, cookies, cakes and desserts. Their vanilla cake is just as good and classic as the bakery itself. It is creamy and soft and is the perfect comfort food for gloomy days. Price for two- 400