Baked Beans Delights: 7 Easy Recipes For Late-Night Satisfaction
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Baked beans are popular in several parts of the world and are celebrated for their flavour, wholesomeness, and nutritional profile. This recipe typically consists of Navy beans, which are commonly referred to as Mangalore beans, white beans, or sandals in India. It can also be made with kidney beans or black-eyed beans, as per convenience.

What looks like a tantalising curry immersed with succulent mushy beans and amused with aromatic goodness is actually a simple recipe with several possibilities. Simple baked beans can serve as a base for pies, a filling for flaky pastry, and a sandwich supplement.

It is incredibly good when you're looking for a satisfying recipe to curb late-night hunger. The cooking time for a basic baked bean curry is approximately one hour with pre-soaked beans. And the curry includes onion, and garlic masala spiced with chilli, turmeric, cumin, and garam masala. If you have pre-cooked baked bean curry, it is always beneficial to make something quickly from it.

Try these different recipes with baked beans and savour nourishment with flavours.

7 Recipes You Can Quickly Make With Baked Beans

1) Baked Beans Phyllo Pie

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Crispy layers of phyllo make this pie a comforting joy. Plus, the satisfaction that comes from baked beans takes it to a whole new level. The process mainly involves folding the baked bean sauce with the pastry and baking it golden, which is quite straightforward to prepare late at night.

2) Baked Beans Wraps

Baked bean wraps involve filling the warming baked bean curry with a tortilla sheet. You can quickly prepare a delicious filling by sauteing baked beans with chopped capsicum, onions, cumin, seasonings, and herbs. If you want to enhance the health profile of leftover roti, use it as a wrap.

3) Baked Beans Buns

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Baked beans can also be a filling for buns with a soft and fluffy texture. These buns are made by rolling out dough, filling it with cooked beans in a rich sauce, and then baking it golden and delicious. Enjoy it warm, and top with butter.

4) Baked Beans Toast

Topping your crispy toast with warming baked beans can create a new recipe with wholesome goodness. Just quickly spread baked beans on top of toasted bread slices and top it with shredded cheese for more flavour.

5) Baked Beans Crisps

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Baked beans can themselves be a crispy nibble snack when you spread it out on a baking tray and let it cook until they turn crispy. This snack is perfect if you don't want to prepare anything. Make sure bean gravy is semi-dry or dry before you spread it on the tray.

6) Baked Beans Sandwich

Baked Beans Sandwich is a delicious meal made with saucy baked beans on bread slices, along with lettuce, onion, tomato, and cheese. The savoury sauce adds a delightful warming flavour to the classic sandwich, perfect for enjoying late at night.

7) Baked Beans Tacos

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Crunchy taco shells filled with saucy baked bean curry are a mouth-watering combination. To make this treat, bake some tortilla wraps in the oven by hanging them with a grill, creating a shell shape. Then, use these shells to fill in baked beans, cheese, lettuce, and salsa.

These baked bean recipes are a must-try for you if you want a satisfying snack in the middle of the night. With precooked baked beans, making all these snacks becomes effortless.