Bajra Roti And Lehsun Chutney For Breakfast: Give It A Shot
Image Credit: Bajra roti with lehsun chutney

The majestic state of Rajasthan exudes an aura of royalty and grace. The rich heritage and culture of this place are known to attract tourists from far and wide, who go gaga over the colourful attire, soulful music, creative performing arts, and delicious food. This desert region is a master of hot and feisty dishes, and Rajasthani cuisine is known for being vast and rich in variety, flavour, and texture.

The locals will not disappoint you from the start of the day, as you will see crunchy and flaky kachoris stuffed with an onion filling being fried in every nook and cranny. Served with chutneys, this is a popular breakfast item and street snack. This reminds us of how chutneys are an important part of Rajasthani cuisine, especially the famous lehsun ki chutney. It is a condiment made by crushing garlic and meshing it with dried red chillies to give it a hot red colour and a spicy kick.

This hot-tasting chutney is usually served alongside meals, and when you’re planning to have it for breakfast, it comes with a coarse bajra roti. Bajra, also known as pearl millet, is a super-healthy grain that is used for making this Indian flatbread. Bajra is a great alternative to wheat flour because it is high in nutrients and filling. This is then paired with lehsun ki chutney and thoroughly enjoyed by the locals.

Since bajra roti lacks any significant flavour, the chutney gives it a spicy spin and works well with it. Not just bajra roti, the quintessential Rajasthani lehsun chutney is also paired with dishes like dal baati churma, kalmi vada, and moong dal pakoris. The pungent flavour and distinct aroma of this fiery accompaniment are a treat to the taste buds.