Avoiding Eggs For Summer? Nutritionist Busts Common Myths

Are you avoiding eggs this summer to avoid indigestion and constipation or you’re worried it will heat up for system? You may not be right about the science behind this. Nutritionist Amita Gadre who often takes to Instagram to bust food myths and common misconceptions surrounding diets, took to Instagram recently to share why avoiding eggs during summer may not be a smart move and also pointed out what to pair them with.

“Go by how you feel and not what some influencer tells you. The most common dietary mistake in summer is not drinking enough water and eating enough dietary fibre especially that coming from vegetables,” Gadre wrote in the caption of her newest reel.

“Where eggs are concerned or even any meat for that matter, you should always pair it with vegetables in some form to aid digestion. It’s not the eggs that are giving you constipation, it’s the poor vegetable and fibre intake.”

In the video, the nutritionist further broke down why people need to be smart about consuming eggs and shared that pairing eggs with fibre is important during summer. “Yes, you can eat eggs during summer. The thing you should keep in mind is that you should also eat something fibre-rich alongside eggs. Eating fruits and vegetables alongside will aid in better digestion of the egg,” Gadre shared.

People also get anxious about consuming eggs owing to heat-related issues. Does eating eggs really increase body heat? Not really, says the nutritionist. “If eggs are not consumed with vegetables, it may lead to constipation or digestive issues,” she remarks.

“Don’t blame the eggs because it’s a source of easy, digestible protein and make sure you’re combining them with whole fibre from whole grains, pulses or salad leaves. Our appetites decrease during summers, you can incorporate eggs in your salads or enjoy a masala omelette, that’s fine too,” Gadre says.