Try Avocado And Spinach Smoothie To Kickstart Your Day
Image Credit: Unsplash

This vegan avocado spinach smoothie is strong in protein. It's really quick and easy, and it's vegan, which is fantastic. This smoothie fills you up quickly without making you lethargic, and it keeps him running all day. To add sweetness to this nutritious avocado smoothie, add a small quantity of syrup if you want.

The avocado spinach smoothie is ideal for folks who have little to no time in the morning and want to ensure they obtain all of the necessary macro and micronutrients to get them through the day. It also makes an excellent post-workout smoothie due to its high protein and carbohydrate content.


    1 cup of almond milk without sugar

    Organic spinach, 1 cup

    1 small Avocado

    1 Green Apple

    1 Frozen Banana

    1 tbsp Chia Seeds


1. Cut the frozen banana into bits and cube the apple.

2. Blend almond milk, spinach, avocado, apple, banana, and chia seeds in a blender.

3. Blend till fluid. Pour into a glass, then garnish with a few chia seeds.

Try This Smoothie For Weight Loss

We now know that this smoothie is a fantastic breakfast, post-workout beverage, and all-around insanely nutritious smoothie. But what about as a weight loss smoothie? We believe there are a few factors that make eating beneficial for losing weight. And no. These items do not have a few calories or fat.

We believe that the best foods for weight loss are those that are wholesome and keep you full for a long time. You are more likely to maintain a modest calorie deficit and regularly lose weight if you feel full since you won't want to nibble. A food must have both protein and fibre in order to be considered full. In contrast to protein, which actually inhibits the development of the hunger hormone ghrelin, fibre is both dense and slow to digest. This avocado spinach smoothie offers a lot of protein and fibre, as was already said, which is why we believe it to be a healthy weight loss snack.