Aval Vilayichathu: A Sweet And Healthy Snack From Kerala
Image Credit: Aval Vilayichathu

Children are passionate food lovers. Every time we offer the kids food, we first consider whether it is nourishing or not. The only foods that are healthy are frequently disliked by children due to their flavour, but what if we offer them food that are both healthy and delicious? Once children love a particular dish, they have a tendency to repeatedly request the same taste, scent, and flavour, making that particular dish their favourite. Because of its flavour and simplicity, this is not just a kid favourite; adults frequently love it as well.

Aval Vilayichathu is a well-known snack from Kerala made primarily of pounded rice, jaggery, and coconut. It can be had as a light breakfast with mixed fruits or just a banana, or even as a teatime snack. It is wholesome, simple to prepare, and useful when you don’t have time to cook breakfast or snacks. The word for beat rice or rice flakes in Malayalam is ‘aval’. Red/Brown Aval is widely used in Kerala. Aval Nanachathu, Aval Velayichathu, and Aval Payasam are a few popular rice flakes-based recipes. In Kerala, aval Vilayichathu (sweetened rice flakes) is a well-liked teatime treat. Rice flakes, coconut, and jaggery are used to make it. If properly roasted, avalayichathu can be kept for a very long period. It can be kept chilled to extend its shelf life. Usually eaten with ripe bananas or root crops, Aval Velayichathu. Aval Vialyichathu will be slightly mushy when prepared, however the flakes will tend to separate when the aval is chilled.

Here’s the recipe for Aval Vilayichathu.


1. 1 cup rice flakes 

2. ½ cup jaggery

3. 9-10 cardamoms

4. 2 tbsp crushed dry ginger 

5. 1 cup water 

6. ½ cup grated coconut 

7. 100 gms cashew nut

8. 100 gms dry grapes 

9. 100 gms peanut 

10. Ghee

Aval Vilayichathu/ pinterest.com

1. When the jaggery is completely melted, we strain the mixture to eliminate the dirt and set it aside after first combining the water and crushed jaggery in a pan.

2. Grab a pan. Add grated coconut and stir continuously while cooking over low heat until they turn light golden brown. Transfer to a bowl and put aside.

3. Then we heat the ghee in a heavy bottom pan over medium heat, add the cashew nut, dry grapes, and peanut, and cook until the colour changes to a light golden brown. We then transfer the mixture to a bowl and set it aside.

4. In a pan, pour the strained, melted jaggery. When it reaches thread consistency, add the roasted coconut and stir well.

5. Then, combine the roasted cashew nut, dry grapes, and peanut.

6. Once more, we stir well before adding the crushed cardamom and dry ginger.

7. Take it off the heat.

8. Add the rice flakes, and mix well.

9. Enjoy the snack after letting it cool.