Athiya Shetty’s Love For Food Is Real: Here Are Her Favourites
Image Credit: Athiya Shetty/Instagram, The actor loves eating desi food more than anything else.

How many times have you seen food on Athiya Shetty’s Instagram feed? Quite a few times, right? That’s because the actor is a hard-core foodie and has never shied away from sharing her daily nibbles with us. Not just that, she even revealed a lot about her food choices and favourites during an AMA session on her Instagram stories.

And of course, we keep seeing her gorging on one or the other delicacy every alternate day. What keeps her fit despite all this? Seems like she knows how to balance the two things that she is most passionate about. She might be just a few movies old, but her fans are well aware that when she’s looking for comfort, it has to be something to eat. And that something is rajma chawal.

In one of the questions asked to her, she revealed that her favourite food is this classic Indian combination, consisting of kidney beans and rice. Also, she reportedly likes to pair it with some bhindi ki sabzi. Other favourites on her list include Maggi noodles and bhutta. These yummy dishes are the simple joys of life that she seeks.

Another interesting fact about Athiya is that she has a sweet tooth too. From blueberry pancakes for breakfast to apple tarts, cinnamon rolls or simply a bar of chocolate, anything sweet can instantly lift up her mood. This one time, we saw her showing us the right way to ‘Netflix and chill’ with a tray full of food kept on the side, while she is cooped up in her blanket and glued to the screen.

The desi foodie not only loves rajma chawal but another Indian street snack that Mumbai is well-known for. No points for guessing that it is vada pav. For the unversed, a bun-like bread is stuffed with a deep-fried potato patty, slathered with chilli powder and chutney. To balance it all out and keep herself fit, Athiya drinks coconut water on a regular basis and opts for cereal bowls and quinoa salad for breakfast and lunch meals to keep them light and healthy.