CM Nitish Kumar Treats Leaders With Litti Chokha and More

Prominent opposition leaders met in Patna on Friday to strategize on their plan to take on the BJP in the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections. During the meeting, they also indulged in the delectable litti chokha and savoured the famous "Malda mangoes" from Bihar, further strengthening their bond. The leaders gathered for a four-hour session that included a delightful lunch shared amongst them. 

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who praised the traditional food dishes that were offered for lunch, stated, "All traditional food items from Bihar were served in the lunch that was hosted by Nitish ji. Delicious litti-Chokha and one-of-a-kind gulab-Jamuns were among the desserts that were provided...For this, I would want to thank Nitish ji. Delicious Bihari cuisine made for a memorable and enjoyable lunch." 

Another leader of the opposition said, "It was a wonderful spread of Bihar's cuisine, with litti chokha being everyone's favourite." We also had some regional specialties like Malda mangoes and gulab jamuns. 

It also reported that in addition, guests were treated to Bihar's speciality foxnut dessert, Makhana Kheer, as well as Silao Khaja, Maner ka Laddu (gramflower sweetmeats), and Dhanarua ka Lai. Among the natives of Bihar, Jharkhand, and Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Litti has long been regarded as a favourite and easy-to-prepare dish. It's a ball of wheat with sattu inside, seasoned with herbs and spices. After that, it's covered with a lot of desi ghee and roasted over a goitha (a contraption very similar to a stove), according to a senior official of the Bihar government who was also present. 

Certainly,  the most famous dish from Bihari cooking is Litti Choka, but that's far from the only tasty treat to be found in this East Indian state. Bihar is a very sizable state bordered by Nepal to the north, Jharkhand to the right, and Uttar Pradesh to the left, and is home to a big percentage of vegetarians and a small number of meat and fish eaters.  

Mustard, panch phoran, khada masala, garam masala, mustard oil, chura or flattened rice (also known as poha), rice flour, and other vegetables and fruits are in season are staples in a Bihari home. Biharis have a penchant for fiery cuisine. Choka, in which any vegetable of your choice is smoked in chilli, is one of the best examples.