Asian Kitchen Appliances Can Make Cooking Easier; This Viral Video Is Proof
Image Credit: Image: Twitter @shongani_

If you know anything about cooking, you would know that it is as much about using the right equipment as it is about the ingredients and technique. Well, appropriate kitchen tools can go a long way in making cooking easier. Be it celebrity chefs or home-cooking experts, everyone swears by the fact how important it is to invest in good appliances and cookware to facilitate the process of preparing our meals.

But how much of it is true and how much of a difference does good equipment really make? If you too are thinking the same, we have just what you need. A video that shows how kitchen appliances that Asians use can actually be very useful and handy has gone viral on Twitter. Take a look at the full video here:


In the viral video, one can see a number of kitchen appliances from an Asian household that are being demonstrated while in use. A lot of these were unique appliances used in the kitchen, making cooking way easier and hassle-free. To begin with, there was a drawer for storing food grains such as soya and lentils. Next was a lid on top of the mixer grinder that reduces the noise coming from it. There was a frying pan with a timer on the handle to know exactly when your food is ready. One of the highlights was a multi-level steamer that could steam many foods at once. Another was an egg skillet divided into four sections, so you can fry four eggs together. There was also a small dustbin along with the kitchen counter to neatly throw away food waste. There were many handy appliances including oil spatula, lid-holder, etc., that can make your cooking faster and easier.

 The clip, which was shared on Twitter by @shongani__, has received over 4 million views and more than 192k likes until now. "Asians have different appliances than the rest of the world. We need to copy these things, they are so useful," wrote one user. The 2-minute-20-second video has truly become one of the most satisfying videos on the internet lately.  

Twitter users were all praise for the unbelievably amazing appliances used in the Asian kitchen. While some wanted to know where these could be purchased from, some were simply in awe of the interesting ways of cooking shown in the video. 

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