As ‘Dosa Printer’ Shocks Internet, A Classic Recipe You’ll Enjoy

Food technology is picking up and how. Things that used to take hours to come together can now be prepared in a matter of minutes. One of the latest gadgets to pique the curiosity of the internet is the ‘Dosa Printer’. Yes, you heard it. It is a printer, that helps you make Dosas. If you have been facing trouble making perfectly round, crisp dosas, then your prayers have been heard it seems. Now you can simply pour the dosa batter in a printer, and churn out the dosas of your dreams.  

This special Dosa maker, which looks like a printer is sold by a company called Evochef. A video of the machine is doing the rounds of the internet, where one can see how the printer works. The video shows a woman pouring dosa batter into a glass container that is attached to the back of the machine, after this she pulls open the front of tray of the dosa maker, which helps the dosa land flat like a piece of paper in a printer. There are buttons on the dosa maker that also helps you choose thickness and crispness of your dosa. Additionally, you can also add oil, ghee or butter on your dosa as per your liking.  

The dosa machine has left the internet divided, while some are impressed by the technology some are arguing that the machine does not help with the toughest part of dosa preparation, I.e the batter. A user said, that in chapati maker machines, one can actually make the dough by adding flour, here you have to make the batter yourself.

And indeed, dosa batters are tricky, but once you get a hang of it, traditional-style dosas can be very, very addictive. Here’s a recipe of Podi Dosa. Dosa, as we all know is the Indian crepe made with a rice, lentil or poha-based batter, millet-based dosas are also very common in South India. But there are many things that make this crepe so sensational, like the various toppings. A mixture of hot and spice potatoes is usual suspect, then there’s Podi. Podi is a hot spice blend made with range of masalas and roasted lentils. Podi is usually combined with ghee and spread over dosa to make it hot, spicy and delish.  Here’s a yummy recipe of Podi Dosa you would enjoy.