Arunachal Pradesh Foundation Day 2024: 7 Dishes To Try

Located in the north-eastern part of the country, Arunachal Pradesh is a land of eye-catching natural wonders and rich cultural heritage. On February 20, 1987, it became a full-fledged state of India and since then, this date has been officially marked as Arunachal Pradesh Foundation Day. Besides its geographic location, its cuisine is also worth exploring.  

Though the food practices in the state differ from tribe to tribe, dairy products and vegetables are the most popular ingredients in their cooking. Rice and meat are also staple foods here. If you happen to be a foodie, this destination is worth a visit for you. From comforting stews to bamboo shoot delicacies and fiery chutneys, the gastronomic experience of Arunachal Pradesh can become an unforgettable moment. 

Pika Pila

Pika pila, best served with rice, curries, and dried fish, is a popular pickle in Arunachal Pradesh. It is believed to be a gift from the Apatani tribe of the state. The main ingredients used for making the pickle are pork fat, bamboo shoots, and chillies. Prepared with the right amount of spices, it is a staple in the meals of restaurants as well as local households. 

Restaurant Recommendations:  Dalai Eco Restro And Homestay, Hayuliang  

Northeast Flavours, Tawang 

Types: Veg and non-vegetarian 

Chura Sabji

Relishing this delicacy is a heart-warming experience for both tourists and locals. Chura sabji is basically a delicious amalgamation of vegetables and yak milk cheese. To add a hint of spice to this soup or curry dish, some flakes of bhut jolokia are added to it. This mouthwatering dish is best served with freshly steamed rice.  

Restaurant Recommendations:  Golden Crown Restaurant, Naharlagun 

Northeast Flavours, Tawang 

Types: Vegetarian and non-vegetarian 

Budget: ₹150 (approx.) 


Lukter is a renowned meat dish from Arunachal Pradesh that is mostly enjoyed on cold winter evenings. It is traditionally made with beef along with the flavour of chilli flakes (mainly bhut jolokia). This meat dish goes well as a side dish with rice. Lukter is a must-try for foodies who love spicy meat dishes. 

Restaurant Recommendations:  Ladakh Restaurant, Tezu 

E & K Restaurant, Itanagar 

Type: Vegetarian and non-veg 

Budget: ₹250 (approx.)


Pasa is basically a soup that is made with fresh fish. Flavoured with local herbs like ginger, garlic, khumpatt leaves, makat, and chillies, it has historical significance. Earlier, soldiers used to prepare raw fish without lighting a fire during wartime. Another major ingredient in pasa is a minced meat paste that gives the fish an authentic flavour to the fish.  

Restaurant Recommendations:  Dalai Eco Restro And Homestay, Hayuliang 

April’s Cafe Cum Restaurant, Pasighat 

Types: Veg and non-veg 

Budget: ₹190 (approx.)


This is a vegetarian delight from Arunachal Pradesh made with soybeans. Being very popular in the local eateries in Tawang and West Kameng, it is best served with steamed rice. Pehak is a lovely dish prepared by fermenting soybeans and chillies. You can also enjoy it as a chutney with any other Arunachali dish. 

Restaurant Recommendations:  Dalai Eco Restro And Homestay, Hayuliang 

Northeast Flavours, Tawang 

Type: Veg and non-veg 

Budget: ₹120 (approx.)


The culinary journey in Arunachal Pradesh is incomplete without a glass of apong. This traditional drink of the state is made by fermenting rice. This beer is homemade and completely chemical-free. There are many variations of this light and refreshing drink across India and it is the perfect end to a hearty meal.  

Restaurant Recommendations:  Food Mongers, NH 15 

Northeast Flavours, Tawang 

Types: Veg and non-veg 

Budget: ₹150 (approx.)

Koat Pitha

After a complete meal, now it's time to satiate your taste buds with a yummy dessert. Made with bananas, jaggery, and rice flour, koat pitha is loved by both kids and adults. Found in the local stalls of the state, this sweet and comforting treat is cooked by deep frying in mustard oil. 

Restaurant Recommendations: Banamo Kitchen And Bar, Itanagar 

Orange Tree Diner & Restaurant, Itanagar 

Types: Veg and non-veg 

Budget: ₹100 (approx.)