Are You Underweight? 5 Drinks To Try For Weight Gain

Who doesn’t want a fit and healthy body? While are struggling hard to shed some extra kilos, some are leaving no stone unturned in gaining a little fat in their body. There has been a lot said and written about weight loss. From remedies to diet to exercise, just write your query on the internet and you will get to see a lot of informative data and videos. But there is nothing much about weight gain, isn’t it? You will surely find something but not much. 

There are a lot of people who are underweight and struggling hard to gain some kilos. Just like weight loss, weight gain too requires a strict check on the diet. What to eat, when to eat and how to eat, play a crucial role in weight gain. Right from having some high calorie fruits to nuts and seeds, there is a lot that can help in weight gain. However, this piece is dedicated to some drinks that can help promote quick weight gain. Wanna know what these drinks are? Here you go! 


Smoothies are quite versatile and could be consumed for weight loss as well as weight gain based on their ingredients. When made with nutrient-rich fruits and veggies, it can help in boosting the calorie intake and can also provide the right amount of nutrients to the body. For weight gain, smoothies made up of banana, yogurt, nuts could be beneficial. 

Homemade Protein Shakes 

Protein is considered the most appropriate and convenient for weight gain. Many high-calorie drinks have protein as the key ingredient. One can make protein shake at home using nuts, fruits, egg whites or milk. With added protein powder, this shake can fulfil the protein requirement in the body and can help in metabolism boost and mass gain. 

Fruit Juices 

Juices could be a saviour. Juicing is still considered the best way to take nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Did you know that some cold-pressed fruit juices can help you add more fruits to your diet? For weight gain, fruits juices that are high in fiber and natural sugars should be given more priority. 

Caffeine Drinks 

There are some beverages that can help you stay focused and alert. Beverages that are high in caffeine can help in boosting metabolism while increasing the process of weight gain process. Drinking coffee or tea for weight gain can help you stay energized for the whole day. 

Dairy Milk 

Dairy milk is always considered a muscle builder. Milk consumption provides a balance of fats, carbs, calcium and protein in your body. It also provides other essential nutrients and can help in mass gain.  

Hope this helps!