Are "French Fries" French? The Truth Behind Sensational Dish

In Europe, during the 17th century, Belgium created a most beloved culinary delight. Many might think that French Fries originated from France but that is not true. It is a complete misconception due to the misnomer name of the dish. The worldwide recognized and most enjoyed dish, French Fries originated from the Meuse Valley of Belgium.

Video Credits: Hebbars Kitchen/YouTube

From the late 1600s, some local records suggest that the people of Meuse Valley of Belgium were cutting the potatoes vertically, into small, thin strips and frying them. Since the frying method was already popular in the region with frying fish. The early version of French fries has become popular with potato as an ingredient and these fries were called “frites” in French.

Back in time, during World War I, the American soldiers deployed in Belgium encountered these fried potato delectables. The word “French” is used to address the dish because, at the time of WWI, the prevalent language spoken by the Belgian army was French. These deep-fried potato slices were greatly appreciated and taken back to their country, the USA by the soldiers. From then on, the standard form of calling the dish French Fries persisted. To make it more evident that the French Fries did not originate in France, there was already a version of fried potato that is called Pommes frites. The difference between French fries from Belgium are thinner and crispier and French fries are so distinct in features and taste.

There are many types of French fries as such many are the same with the ingredients but differ in shapes or sometimes in flavours. Each French fry has unique characteristics, for example,

1. Shoestring Fries: Thin-like shoelaces, these fries are much crispier thanks to their small size. Unlike regular twice-fried fries, they're only fried once.

2. Steak Frites: These fries are unique, thick-cut fries that are larger which makes the interiors of the fries fluffy and soft.

3. Crinkle-cut fries: This wavy, and crinkled edged are unique in appearance. The extra surface area also makes for crunchier fries, a fan-favourite experience.

4. Chilli Cheese Fries: These are one of the delicious and popular fries typically immersed with melted cheese and chilli.

It is a testament to the culinary world how delectable food can transcend its origins and be enjoyed the world over. French fries are found everywhere from gourmet restaurants to street food stalls, and almost every fast-food joint around the world. The journey from The Meuse Valley of Belgium to become an integral part of the diverse cuisine is the power of a humble potato fried dish is one of the vast culinary marvels.

So, Next time when you are snacking on this potato perfection with friends, share why French fries are called French fries and ask them to pass on this fascinating origin story.