Are Chai And Samosa Making British Youths Grow Indian?
Image Credit: Chai and samosa, Shutterstock

For any Indian, the ultimate food pairing made in the kitchen is undeniably chai and garama-garam or piping hot samosa. No matter how new fads and fancy international delicacies penetrate the country's culinary space, Indians can never get over their love for this samosa and tea combination. Call it a coincidence or an inevitable shift activated by the wheel of time, but after ruling India for hundreds of years, it looks like British youths are growing Indian! Intrigued? The news of how the youngsters in Britain are going gaga over Indian chai and samosa is all over the internet. This desi snack and beverage pairing has caught the pulse of the young population in England. They count samosa as a filling food; of course, the taste gets an extra score. Chai and samosa, once a desi favourite, are now a videshi favourite as well. 

The increasing love for Indian masala chai in the UK is an open secret now. Last year, we came across the news how a cafe in England offers extra discount when someone asks for Indian desi chai politely. If you have missed it, read here! Now, this recent revelation makes us proud and amused at the same time. Let's explore what's brewing in Britain! 

The young and restless

This incredible revelation emerged following a survey by the United Kingdom Tea & Infusions Association (UKTIA). Granola bars are the tea snack choice for one in ten people between the ages of 18 and 29 (the study found), which is more than twice the proportion of people over 65. Samosa came in second place, with 8% of poll participants who were younger choosing the savoury Indian delicacy with their tea, while no respondents who were older than 65 did.

Indian chai and samosa, Image Source: Dreamstime

Chai and samosa stimulate memories?

In the researcher's opinion, young people strongly support spicy or nutty flavours. These tastes bring back memories of meals that were consumed while on the global trip during gap years. The surveyors seek to investigate whether such food recalls participants of recent excursions they have taken, and tea with a samosa transports them back to that recollection. The surveyors also stated that it was clear from the data gathered that drinking tea can result in a variety of happy emotions, which is valid for people of all ages.

Steaming hot tea and samosa, Image Source: OnlineKaka@Facebook

Apart from samosa, the youth, aged between 16-24, preferred to munch on sweet biscuits with their favourite cup of tea. Well, as an Indian, can we expect a thriving market of Osmania biscuits and Hyderabadi Irani Chai too? 

Alright, keeping our excitement under control, let's celebrate the dominance of chai and samosa among the British youth in England.