Aptivate: Ayurvedic Way To Boost Your Child’s Appetite

One cannot stress enough the importance of nutrient-dense food for not only our body but our overall well-being. Various studies have time and again pointed out that nutritious meals also promote emotional well-being in children. In fact, kids who eat more than five portions of fruit and vegetables each day have better mental health than others. Throwing its weight behind healthy home-cooked food for little ones, the World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that “eating a variety of foods, and consuming less salt, sugars, and saturated and industrially-produced trans-fats are essential for a healthy diet”. Foods comprising cereals, legumes, fruit and vegetables, as well as meat are necessary for their optimal growth. And it goes without saying that meals cooked by mothers are the best way to promote this balance. Interestingly, nutritious home-cooked food translates to achhi bhook among youngsters, improving their overall health.

Taking care of your health and immune system is of utmost importance. This, however, sometimes leads to concerns among parents, who are worried about their child’s eating habits and sleep patterns. Ensuring that your little one is provided with enough nutrition for proper growth and well-being is a task that cannot be attained in a day’s time. Today’s mothers are facing the challenge of feeding their kids home-cooked food, which is very important to build a strong foundation for proper growth.  

No wonder, modern parents are increasingly relying on the age-old remedies of Ayurveda, in order to inculcate better habits in children. What your kid eats today is directly connected with his or her health in the future. In this crucial stage, consider Lupin’s Aptivate a partner. This 100% Ayurvedic syrup is specially created keeping in mind a growing child’s appetite and immunity.

It goes without saying that nutritious home-cooked meals, sans processed ingredients and preservatives, hold the key to a better constitution. The Aptivate syrup comes with the goodness of Ayurvedic ingredients that stimulate your child’s hunger for home-cooked meals and also helps strengthen their immunity naturally. 

Thanks to kids’ taste buds that are so used to ‘yummy’ outside food that meals prepared at home are often labelled as ‘bland or tasteless’. You’ll find a lot of mothers often complaining about their child’s lack of interest in eating food cooked at home. 

Aptivate is a 100% ayurvedic tonic and contains the natural goodness of Saunf, Kutki, Vidanga, Nagarmotha, Yavani, Guduchi, Jeera, Pippali, and Amalaki, that improves appetite, increases immunity, and boosts energy in children.

The nine Ayurvedic ingredients and their unique properties include Amalaki (a natural Vitamin C supplement) Guduchi (stimulates immunity), Pippali (enhances immunity and energises the body), Saunf (relieves flatulence), Yavani (relieves colic pain), Jeera (enhances cognitive function), Nagarmotha (promotes digestion), Kutki (hepato-protective agent) and Vidang (anti-worm agent).

And that’s also the reason Lupin Aptivate is a leading brand trusted by doctors and health experts in the natural appetite stimulant space. For the longest time, mothers have been struggling with feeding the little ones meals that are wholesome, nutrient-dense and, at the same time, delicious. Kids have their own preferences, and meeting all of them has always been an uphill task for mothers. With the increasing risk of contracting infections and viruses, the lack of nutrition in children may lead to low immunity and frequent illnesses, hampering their overall development. 

Over time, most mothers master the art of feeding and encouraging children to eat home-cooked meals. But there are times when you need help. In such instances, an Ayurveda-based solution like the Aptivate syrup may come in handy. 

In today’s world, staying fit and healthy is extremely important. And for that, we need a strong immune system. Try the Lupin’s Aptivate syrup to help your child reap the optimal benefits of home-cooked meals and ensure a healthy and happy future.