Apple Pie: Test Your Trivia For This Most American Of All Dishes
Image Credit: Pexels

WELCOME to our Apple Pie Day Quiz! With May 13 designated as the day to celebrate this iconic dish, let's dive into its rich history and cultural significance. Despite being considered a quintessential American dessert, the apple pie has its roots elsewhere. Join us as we explore how this dish became as American as 'apple pie' itself!

1. Where did the apple, a key ingredient of apple pie, originally come from?
A) North America
B) Asia
C) South America
D) Europe

2. Which of the following fruits was NOT mentioned as an ingredient in the original 1381 English recipe for apple pie?
A) Figs
B) Raisins
C) Pears
D) Peaches

3. What was unique about the early pastry crusts used for apple pies?
A) They were made with butter
B) They were inedible and called "coffin" pastry
C) They were flavoured with cinnamon
D) They were extremely flaky

4. Which American figure is credited with popularising apples in America through folklore?
A) Benjamin Franklin
B) George Washington
C) John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed)
D) Amelia Simmons

5. When was the phrase "as American as apple pie" first associated with American soldiers?
A) Civil War
B) World War I
C) World War II
D) Korean War

6. What purpose did apple trees serve in America’s colonial history beyond providing fruit?
A) They were used as Christmas trees
B) They marked property boundaries
C) They were used to claim land
D) They provided wood for building

7. Which spice, now commonly associated with apple pie, originally came from far away as Sri Lanka?
A) Cinnamon
B) Nutmeg
C) Allspice
D) Ginger

8. In what year was America’s first cookbook published, which included recipes for apple pie?
A) 1601
B) 1796
C) 1823
D) 1905

9. How did early American settlers primarily use apples?
A) Eating raw
B) Baking in pies
C) Making cider
D) As decorations

10. What did the first recorded apple pie recipe in England include that is unusual by today's standards?
A) Cheese
B) Saffron
C) Chocolate
D) Vanilla

Answer Key:
1. B) Asia
2. D) Peaches
3. B) They were inedible and called "coffin" pastry
4. C) John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed)
5. C) World War II
6. C) They were used to claim land
7. A) Cinnamon
8. B) 1796
9. C) Making cider
10. B) Saffron

Interpret Your Score:
10 out of 10: You’re a true apple pie aficionado!
7-9: Great job! You know your pie history.
4-6: Not bad, you’ve got the basics down.
1-3: Looks like you might need to brush up on your apple pie knowledge.
0: Did you even read the questions?

Did you know? In addition to apple pie, many cultures have their own versions of fruit pies. For instance, the British have their tarts, while in France, tarte Tatin is a beloved variant made with caramelised fruit.