Anushka Sharma's Thai Spread Has Us Drooling
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Thai cuisine has enthralled a number of foodies around the world with its aromatic spell and a balance of unique flavours that include everything sour, bitter, salty, sweet, and spicy. Mention a Thai dish, and it'll always have a strong punch of flavours that will impress your palate. And it is not just us; even Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma loves to indulge in a wholesome Thai meal. And her foodie posts on Instagram are proof of the same. The actor, who often shares her foodie side on social media with her fans, recently shared another foodie update from when she gobbled down a delicious Thai meal from a home kitchen called Spicy Rika. The kitchen delivers authentic homemade Thai food, and the meal looked every bit delicious! Wondering what was on Anushka's plate? Read on.

Anushka, along with her cricketer husband Virat Kohli, enjoyed a meal of what looked like a mix of tofu and basil stir fry, along with some delicious-looking shiitake mushrooms. A side of garlic fried rice with some spicy, tangy, and crunchy Larb Kai had us slurping too! And guess what? The entire meal contained no carbohydrates or oil but was high in protein. Their plate also included some greens, which were a portion of stir-fried beans. "This Thai Food," Anushka Sharma captioned the post with a drooling emoji. Take a look: 

Doesn’t it look absolutely mouthwatering? Spicy Rika, while re-sharing their story, thanked the couple for the shout-out. If Anushka’s dinner had you craving some Thai dishes too, we’ve got you some options. 

1. Raw Papaya Salad

This green papaya salad, which balances all four tastes—sour, hot, sweet, and salty—pleases not only the eyes but also the palate.

2. Pad Thai  

Don’t you think Anushka’s spread looks incomplete without a plateful of Pad Thai? The fried noodle dish commonly served as street food in Thailand has flat noodles entangled with tofu, eggs, bean sprouts, and a host of sauces.

3. Tom Yum Soup With Mushrooms

The spicy clear Thai soup is the vegetarian version, prepared with mushrooms and Thai spices. You can pair it with roasted bread and enjoy.