Anushka Sharma's Go-To Coffee Snack Revealed: A Buttery Treat
Image Credit: Anushka Sharma/Instagram, She got the baked delight from a bakery in Mumbai.

Did you know that Anushka Sharma is a big-time foodie? Given her fit physique, it might be difficult to guess, but it’s actually true. The actor is constantly on the move to find good food in the city or wherever she’s travelling. In fact, last year, she even gave us a glimpse of her breakfast date with her parents in London.

However, this time, it is something more humble and basic that she decided to share with her fans on her Instagram stories. What is it, you ask? Anushka was busy enjoying a laid-back evening yesterday on her balcony, sipping coffee. But it wasn't the coffee that caught our eye. It was a special snack kept beside it that tempted us more. Her cosy coffee setup featured a half-eaten butter rusk on her plate.

Source: Screengrab of Instagram stories/Anushka Sharma

On this, she wrote, "Sunrise bakery butter rusk with coffee." It looked like the perfect pairing for a winter evening. Rusk, for the unfamiliar, is a hard, twice-baked bread that has the crunch of a dried-out cake. People often pair it with chai or coffee and dip it in the cup to soften and eat it. Sunrise Bakery is a small bakery shop in Vasai, Mumbai, from where Anushka seems to have gotten this buttery delight.

However, her obsession with cakes and biscuits isn’t a new phenomenon. If you remember, earlier last year, she became a biscuit reviewer and gave a detailed review of different kinds of biscuits. This was the time when she was shooting for her film, Chakda Xpress, in the UK. She got this whole bunch of delightful baked goods and began by talking about the taste and texture of each of them, right from jam to ginger nut biscuits, custard cream, and shortcake.