Anupam Kher’s Dimsum Feast In Agra Is Making Us Drool
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

A wholesome Asian feast is something that many just can’t resist. Dimsums, noodles, ramen, and more are delicacies that can make anyone slurp a little. And Bollywood actor Anupam Kher is no different. A foodie at heart, Anupam is often spotted noshing on drool-worthy foods wherever he is. From a wholesome breakfast spread to chawal ki roti or a decadent dessert platter while in the hills of Shimla, the veteran actor never misses a chance to devour delicious food. He is in Agra currently and has been enjoying the food and culture of the city for a few days now. Just last week he was enjoying a heavy Agra-style breakfast of Bedai – a kachori-like snack along with potato curry and crispy and sweet jalebis. Read more about it here

Now in his latest foodie adventure in city of Taj Mahal, Anupam was enjoying a hearty Asian feast, especially made for him by the chef at the hotel he is staying in. Taking to his Instagram stories, The Kashmir Files actor shared a short video of his table, which was full of vegetable dimsums and siu mai – a type of Chinese dumpling from the Cantonese region. He pans the camera towards the chef and thanks him for the delicious dimsums. Take a look at the screengrabs from the video he shared: 

Looks sumptuous, doesn’t it? For the unversed, siu mai (pronounced as 'shoo-my') is a round basket-shaped dumpling with an open top prepared with a thin wrapping of wheat dough. There are several variations of siu mai across China and other parts of Asia, but the traditional Cantonese siu mai are filled with ground pork and shrimp, as well as mushrooms, ginger, and green onions. One can prepare vegetarian siu mai as well with ground veggies of choice. These are topped with an orange dot of fish roe or carrot, or occasionally a green dot created from a single pea and steamed in a bamboo steamer basket. 

Anupam's gastronomic adventures never fail to make us drool. And what impresses us is the fact that the actor never shies away from experimenting too. While he loves food from his native place Kashmir, he is equally enthusiastic about other regional cuisines as well as world cuisine too. All that is also balanced by a fitness routine as well, since the actor also maintains an envious physique even at 67.