Ananya Pandey's Vanilla Oats Latte Is Making Us Crave Some
Image Credit: Ananya Pandey shared the best place to have this latte.

Once a newbie in Bollywood, Ananya Pandey made her debut in the film industry with Student Of The Year 2. After getting a big break from director Karan Johar, she also worked in several other genres of films. Getting it from her dad, Chunky Pandey, the actresses humour is quite amazing too. Be it her pictures on social media or the actress herself in real life, she has a jolly nature and a fun-loving attitude. There’s one thing about Ananya Pandey that we all truly love, her obsession with good food. Not only does she share beautiful food shots on her Instagram, we’re pretty sure she eats them all too. However, the petite actress still manages to maintain her figure. Interesting, right? 

The actress was making us really hungry with her Nevada photo dump a few weeks back. She posted series of pictures on her feed, which featured cheeseburgers, pizzas and much more. The Pati Patni Aur Woh actress also joined in Shilpa Shetty for her weekly Sunday binge once. She posted a video of how both of them gulped down plenty of mini doughnuts like pani-puris on the weekend. It was absolutely hilarious. This time, we saw her revealing her most favourite drink from a particular Italian restaurant. She took to her Instagram stories, holding a cup of Café Nero in her hand. The caption describes that it is Vanilla Oats Latte that she’s having today. Liking the sound of it? 

She mentioned that it is her favourite thing “from here” in the world. The text on the cup tells us that it from an Italian Coffee Company. The blue-covered cup with a black cover also looks very stylish and appealing. Now that Ananya Pandey has made us crave coffee, why not try some recipes today. 

Here are a few latte recipes that you can try at home. 

1.  Oatmeal Latte 

Made with oatmeal, milk, sugar and espresso, the latte tastes absolutely delish. The hint of cinnamon and vanilla extract makes it tastier and distinct. It is light, refreshing and can be made in a jiffy. Since only a few ingredients are required, you can make it at any time of the day. 

2.  Matcha Latte 

Did you know that matcha has plenty of health benefits? Matcha is made from green tea leaves so be sure that you will have a green coloured latte in front of you. The unique ingredient is the chicken bone broth and the coconut butter which make it nutritious and creamy. Sweeten it with honey and you are good to go. 

3.  Pistachio Latte

Don’t like milk in your coffee? You can try this dairy-free coffee then. It is made with shelled pistachios and hot water. Brewed coffee is added to it and Medjool dates are used to sweeten this latte. This coffee is quite distinct from others and has a certain nuttiness to it which is lent by the pistachios.