Ananya Panday’s Sunday Feast Of Butter Chicken, Prawns And More

Ananya Panday’s unhinged love for butter chicken takes her places but what really tugs her heartstrings is home-cooked meals. The Kho Gaye Hum Kahan actress, who has been soaking up all the critical acclaim she has been receiving for her latest movie, spent Sunday on set but also revelling in some delicious food that Gehraiyaan writer Ayesha Devitre treated her to. Posting a picture on her social media, Panday displayed the feast for one – which consisted of three plates – one with butter chicken, one with a methi malai chicken and a third with prawns coated in some kind of green masala and rava fried.

What she ate the delicious spread with is unknown, however the actress didn’t shy away from gushing praises for the sweet gesture extended to her by Devitre. The table in question also held a stack of patterned plates, waiting to be loaded with food and ready to dig in. Referring to Devitre as her ‘work bestie,’ Panday captioned the photograph saying, “My work bestie and the best cook. Love you @ayeshadevitre.”

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Ananya, who has been vocal about her comfort meals in the past, usually follows a pretty healthy eating schedule for her film and editorial shoots. The actress, who is also the proud owner of a home now, hosted a Christmas lunch for her friends last month, followed by ringing in New Year’s Eve in London while bingeing on some decadent desserts. Known to savour treats like chocolate chip cookies, pepperoni pizza, cheese garlic naan and gulab jamun on her cheat days, also loves snacking on chicken popcorn from a popular fast food chain. While we salivate and wonder what the food was like, tell us about your favourite treat meals in the comments.