Ananya Panday’s Italian Vacation Is All About Sugary Treats
Image Credit: Ananya Panday/Instagram, The 23-year-old actress has a big sweet tooth.

Ananya Panday is currently taking a holiday in Italy, the actor seems to be making the most of it. While the virtual tour of Capri’s breathtaking landscape that she is treating her fans and followers on social media to is enticing, what we are liking more is her foodie indulgence, the newest being her sugary and chocolaty treats.

The scenic views and pretty beaches of the island are definitely an attraction, with the Bollywood starlet basking in the sun all day long. But her obsession with sweet meats on this trip is what we are focussing on. Recently, she took to her Instagram stories, to share a picture of a half-eaten chocolate croissant. Next up, we saw a chocolate wheel kind of a dessert that was all blurred and hazy. It seemed like a molten chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream on the side.

Just a few days before this, we saw her at this ice cream shack in Capri, and she was tempting us with a lemon sorbet that she was having. She even posted pictures of herself, posing and digging into her tangy dessert and said, “Just a girl obsessed with lemon sorbet”. In the series of pictures, we also spotted her eating a gelato in the end. There were plenty of lemons hanging in front of that small shop and she was enjoying her time there.

Her sweet tooth is no stranger to us. Even during a chat show, her co-star in Liger, Vijay Deverakonda, shared that Ananya enjoys having croissants and coffee for breakfast. He went on to say that he wondered how she ended up looking so fit and fabulous despite eating all that every day. This reminds us of her recent stop in London, where the actor was seen gorging on a mushroom-shaped mini dessert. She called it the “cutest little dessert”, where the mushroom was covered in fondant.