Ananya Panday Spends ‘A Minute’ In Paris Relishing Pasta & Pizza
Image Credit: Ananya Panday/Instagram

Besides the glitz and glam that Paris is known for, Ananya Panday ensured that she made some time to sample some delicious food in the city, during a whirlwind trip for Paris Haute Couture week – where she walked the ramp for designer Rahul Mishra. Sharing a glimpse of her highlights during this visit to the city of love, Panday, who was dressed to the nines in high-end designer clothes even when off-duty, indulged in a Neapolitan-style pizza topped off with burrata and fresh basil.

The Kho Gaye Hum Kahan actress was also seen taking a bite of her lobster linguine at a restaurant, where her beverages of choice included a glass of white wine and carbonated soda, with a wedge of lemon. Panday, who is also known to have a ravenous sweet tooth, also shared a blurred photograph of her heart-shaped waffle dessert – that was loaded with a drizzle of chocolate spread, roasted hazelnuts and a giant swirl of chocolate in the centre.

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Known to be quite the fiend for comfort food like butter chicken and chocolate chip cookies, celebrations were surely on the cards for Panday for being the youngest Indian actress to debut on an international fashion showcase. The actress, who’s also quite a lover of Italian food, has been known to indulge her cravings for pepperoni pizzas and spicy pastas from time to time. Despite being blessed with a naturally lean physique, she also makes sure to follow portion control and a disciplined workout regime through the week, so that her cheat days are guilt-free, high on calories and delicious.