An UK Artist Draws King Charles III Portrait On Toast

On May 6, 2023, King Charles III will be crowned in front of the entire world. The country is eagerly awaiting the major event, and many people have taken the initiative to express their support and enthusiasm on social media in their own special ways. 

A man went ahead and painted His Majesty's portrait among other things he did to assist the monarch. Nathan Wyburn claims in a post published on social media that in honour of King Charles' coronation, he drew the portrait of the monarch on toasts using Marmite. In addition to the message, he included a video of himself creating this portrait on toasts. He also provided a couple of images of the completed piece of art. Now, it's not just any image; it's one created on toast with Marmite, a savoury spread with a salty, pungent flavour that is popular in the UK. More than 12,000 people have seen it since it was shared. Additionally, the share has gotten a lot of likes and comments. 

One of the most noble things one may engage in is having their portrait painted. In the past, kings and queens would spend hours in front of painters getting their work done. The fact that King Charles III also had his portrait made before being crowned is therefore quite fitting. But it wasn't painted on a canvas. It covered many pieces of toast. Additionally, the artist used marmite instead of typical paint. Nathan Wyburn has a talent for portraying well-known people in unusual settings. 

In order to demonstrate his incredible achievement, he even shared a time-lapse video. He added a humorous remark to the picture that read: "Why not buy your own Marmite jar and raise a toast, too?" Well, this shows that he has a sense of humour too. 

An old-fashioned and beloved British food is marmite on bread. Therefore, it is certain that the portrait will resonate with the public. Many contend that the enjoyment of marmite is an acquired taste, only enjoyed by those who have consumed it since birth. It has a robust flavour and is distinctly British. Yeast extract is used to create the spread. 

King Charles and his wife Queen Consort Camilla will be crowned at Westminster Abbey in London today as part of the monarch's coronation ceremony. King Charles welcomed well-wishers near Buckingham Palace before the event, together with his eldest son Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton. 2,000 people, including international leaders, members of the royal family, and celebrities, will attend the "slimmed-down" celebration.