Viral: Italian Diplomat Exploring Mumbai's Street Food
Image Credit: Chandraprabha Bangi/facebook

Indian cuisine is popular all over the world. People from different countries try our dishes and become fans of their tastes and flavours. The trend of trying Indian delicacies, including our street foods, has also taken over the internet. There are plenty of videos available on YouTube where foreigners visit India and try our street foods. It also gets lots of views and popularity. Recently, a video trended where an Italian diplomat tried the local street foods of Mumbai. Here is the video. Take a look:

Street foods are the soul of every foodie, and when it comes to India, we have a plethora of options. From a variety of spicy chaats to filling dishes like samosa and kachori. They are not only delicious but also pocket-friendly. Every region in India has some iconic street delights that are popular across the country, like puchka in Bengal, dabeli in Gujarat, and vada pav in Mumbai. In this video, a YouTuber from Germany takes the Consul General of Italy in Mumbai, Alessandro De Masi, on a local street food tour.

They start their exploration with the classic bhel puri, which is a variety of chaat made with puffed rice, vegetables, spices, and tangy chutneys. It is a savoury snack that has a crunchy texture. Then they are seen relishing Mumbai’s vegetable sandwich, which is made by adding some sliced vegetables, including potatoes, beets, cucumbers, and tomatoes, between two slices of bread along with butter and spicy green chutney. The last dish they try is a chocolate sandwich that is made by layering chocolate syrup, butter, and chocolate chips on slices of bread.

Both loved all the local street foods they tried, and the diplomat also said that India is a beautiful country and the people here are amazing. The video was posted by an account named @OnlyOneGiulia and has more than 31k likes. Giulia is a popular YouTuber and content creator who has 4.7 lakh subscribers on her channel. People in the comments are showering love on them and inviting Giulia to taste the local street foods of other cities as well.