Veganism is a way of living that requires you to refrain from eating animal-based food items. This eating concept arises back in 1944 owing to various reasons including ethics, health, environmental impacts, etc. According to vegans, every creature on this planet has the right to live freely and therefore they oppose taking the life of a conscious being just to consume its flesh. Those who embrace vegan living have come a long way. Here are a few major changes that have happened in the lives of vegans in the last 1 decade.

Vegan Diet is Not Unusual Anymore

Initially, in the 1940s, when the term ‘vegan’ was coined, it used to be perceived as hippies. But, now people across the world are more informed about it and the popularity of this diet is growing day by day especially owing to its environmental and health benefits.

Vegan Foods Are Easily Accessible

A decade ago, vegan dishes were not as easily accessible as today. Nowadays, you buy a wide variety of vegan foods in any supermarket. Moreover, vegan alternatives of dairy and non-vegetarian products are now immensely popular and are intriguing the customers. For example, ‘bleeding burger.’ This particular dish became a hit on Instagram as soon as it was introduced in the market. 

Vegan Junk Food is Now a Reality

If you think being a vegan means your favourite stress buster, junk food is off the table, you are mistaken. Now, vegan fast food or junk food has become a reality. But, do not be in the mindset that these eatables are healthy just because they are vegan.

Vegan Cooking Has Become Easy And Economical

Nowadays, you can find vegan cookbooks online and in-store. This has made vegan cooking, a painless experience. You can even google and find recipes of vegan desserts without any trouble.

Restaurants Have Acknowledged Their Increasing Vegan Customers

If you are a vegan and wish to have a lavish lunch or dinner in a restaurant, you will get the real tasty foods in front of you instead of what restaurants used to serve (salad, chips, rice, etc.) to its vegan guests around a decade ago. Surprisingly, restaurants’ menus now have a vegan option too.

Cheers to Veganism!