From Maharashtra, With Love: Try This Quick Kanda Poha Recipe
Image Credit: iStock, Kanda Poha

In many Indian households poha is a go-to breakfast. Poha, as a dish, has many variations across the country as it is super easy to make and not very time-consuming. The star ingredient in this dish are the flattened rice flakes, or chiwda or poha. It is delicious as well as versatile, whether you like it to be spicy or sweet, poha will leave you satisfied to the bits. 

To add another member to the tall list of classic poha preparations we bring you Maharashtrian-style poha - also known as Kanda Poha. As the name suggests there are a lot of kanda (onions) in the dish. This poha is different from other pohas because of its tangy flavour. The strong essence of herbs and spices makes it the perfect recipe to add some spunk to your mundane breakfast fare. So, here’s the recipe of kanda-poha that you will surely like to try.

Source: iStock, Kanda Poha 

That’s it. Your yummy kanda-poha is ready to eat.