Amul Milk Price Hiked By ₹2 Across India; MRP Increases by 3-4%

As per new reports, it is stated that Amul has hiked its prices for the different milk varieties retailed by ₹2 per litre across India, as of effect on June 3, 2024. The Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), which markets dairy and dairy products under the ‘Amul’ brand, came upon this decision as a consequence of inflation increasing the cost of production faced by dairy farmers. The price hike, which happened initially in February of 2023, further hiked the prices this month on all the varieties of milk made available to consumers.

While the standard buffalo milk stands at a revised price of ₹36 for half a litre, Amul Gold is priced at ₹33 for the same quantity. Meanwhile, Amul Shakti is being retailed at ₹30 for half a litre and Amul Taaza is currently priced at ₹28. Additionally, the skimmed milk product – Amul Slim n Trim – currently costs ₹25 for half a litre. The current increase in prices of the dairy produced by the brand will impact a 3-4% increase in MRP, which the company states, is much lower than the average inflation.

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Stating that the company policy facilitates for 80 paise per unit sold to be passed on to the producers, the price revision has been applied in the hope that it provides sustenance to them, along with a higher quantity of production.