Pickles are a type of condiment native to the Indian subcontinent, prepared from a range of vegetables and fruits preserved in brine, vinegar, or edible oils, and flavoured with Indian spices. Pickles are known as Uppinakaayi in Kannada, Pachadi in Telgu, Urukai in Tamil, Uppillittuthu in Malayalam, Loncha in Marathi, Athanu in Gujarati, and 'achar in Hindustani, Nepali, and Bengali, depending on the region. Indian-style pickle is called achar in Hindustani, according to Mohsen Saeidi Madani.  It is a word derived from the Persian definition meaning "Powdered or salted meats, pickles, or fruits, preserved in salt, vinegar, honey, or syrup”. Pickles have been mentioned in many ancient Indian texts. Pickles made from green mango, green peppercorns, long pepper, raw cardamom, lemon, lime, myrobalan, hog plum, stone apple, and aromatic manjack are described in Trivikrama Bhatta's (915 CE) Nalachampu. Pickles made from green mango, fresh green peppercorns, fresh long-pepper, lemons and limes, turmeric root, mango-ginger root, ginger, radish, bitter gourd, cucumber, lotus root, and bamboo shoots are mentioned in early mediaeval cookbooks such as Lokopakara (1025 CE), Manasollasa (1130 AD), Pakadarpana (1200 AD), and Soopa Shastra (1508 A.D). More than fifty different types of pickles are mentioned in Gurulinga Desika's Lingapurana (1594 CE). Ni'matnama's (1500 CE) cookbook also mentions unique pickles produced from edible flowers. Pickles have a spicy and different flavour that complements the usual meal we eat. A dinner platter without delicious tangy pickles is incomplete.

Here are some pickles you can try for your dinner feats-

Lehsun ka achar

Garlic is a flavour that we all enjoy in our food, so why not make an entire dish out of it? Lasoon ka Achaar is exactly that kind of meal. Garlic is chopped into little pieces and used to make this dish. Garlic paste might also be used. In North India, this is a very common type of Achaar.

Rajsthani meal is incomplete without lehsun ka achar/ pinterest.com


Gajar, Gobhi and Shalgam Achar

This pickle, which contains carrot, cauliflower, and turnip and is a winter staple in the northern portions of the country, is probably one of the most delicious and, sadly, underrated pickles in the country. The pickle is the best side dish for parathas and curd because of the tang of the turnip and the sweetness of the carrot, which are pickled together with cauliflower in vinegar.

Gajar gobhi achar rules the winter cuisine/ pinterest.com


Mirchi Achar

Mirchi ka Achaar is another popular type of Achaar. Green Chillies are used as the major ingredient in this type of pickle. Mustard seeds and green chillies are mixed to make this pickle. It may appear to be too spicy for your taste, but the sourness of the dish tempers the chillies' intensity. Also, before making the pickle, the majority of the seeds are removed. This pickle can also be made with red chillies.

Mirchi achar tastes heavenly with besan parantha/ pinterest.com


Amla Launji or Amla pickle

In India, pickles made from amla are extremely popular. Amla is a high-nutrient fruit rich in iron, calcium, and vitamin C that is mostly available in the winter. Amla pickle helps in proper digestion, immunity, ulcer healing, cholesterol maintenance, and liver healing. The pickle has a sweet, salty, and savoury flavour. Amla, garlic, mustard seeds, methi seeds, turmeric powder, chillies, and other ingredients are used to make amla pickles.

Amle ki launji is packed with flavours and goodness of vitamin C/ pinterest.com


Pork Pickle

Pork Pickle is a Naga delicacy made from pickled pork flesh. In Nagaland, meat pickles, particularly pork pickles and beef pickles, are quite popular. This pork pickle is an authentic Nagaland delicacy, flavoured with only the most basic ingredients. It's fiery, smoky, and savoury.

Naga cuisine is incomplete without pork pickle/ pinterest.com


Chicken Ka Achar

This pickle is also known as murgh ka achar. It contains pickled chicken pieces that are mixed with garam masala, homemade spices, achar masala and vinegar. It tastes amazing with plain rice and Biryani.

Chicken pickle and biryani are a perfect match/ pinterest.com