American YouTuber Tries Spiciest Chicken Tender, Reaction Goes Viral

Asian cuisine, particularly the Indian culinary style, is all about spicy, tasty and zesty food, dabbling in a range of flavours and textures. We simply can’t resist the sight of a spicy dish, and one bite of it actually makes us want more. After all there is something so delicious about the tingling sensations that fire up our taste buds every time, we eat something spicy. The Indian varieties aside, do you know there are many fiery chillies out there that are hard to consume. An American YouTuber recently tried some and his reaction is taking the internet by storm.  

Matt Stonie is a YouTuber and competitive eater who took up a challenge and tried one of the spiciest chicken tenders in Houston. A video showing his reaction to the fiery treat has now gone viral. Take a look:

The challenge was to consume the spicy chicken tender, high in heat factor. The chicken tenders were called 'Houston, we have a problem' and were rated at 2 million Scoville Heat Units (SHU) - a well-known measure of the spice levels in food.  

In the clip, Stonie tries six different kinds of chicken tenders, starting from no spice and going up to the spiciest one, the one with 2 million SHU. The big shift in the spice is at the chicken tender with 600k SHU, which he explains is hotter than multiple Habanero peppers. 

He explained the spiciest Houston chicken tender, saying it was 300 times hotter than a jalapeno, and twice as hot as the ghost pepper, which is said to be one of the spiciest chillies in the world. The chicken tender with 2 million SHU was in fact so hot that it was bleeding through the container it was in.  

The YouTuber managed to complete the challenge of eating the chicken tender and staying without drinking water for a whole five minutes. The video has already garnered over 41 million views on YouTube with several thousand users also pouring in their comments on the clip. "That moment when you eat the ice cream, that expression of relief on your face is priceless," wrote one user. “Our boy Matt stoney earned that thumbs up. That was a solid performance bud,” said one user, while another wrote, "Bro, you just got to appreciate the pain that Matt goes through just to deliver amazing entertainment for us every time.” 

People could also relate to how desperately Stonie would’ve wanted water as one user wrote “Just watching Matt doing this challenge makes me want to grab a lot a lot of water!” 

What did you think of the viral video of the American YouTuber eating the spiciest chicken tender? Let us know.