‘American Lay’s Dosa’ Joins The Weird Food Bandwagon; Disappoints Netizens
Image Credit: Source: Pixabay

No matter which part of the country you are in, a typical Indian breakfast platter cannot go without South Indian delicacies like idli, vadas and dosas. The simple yet decadent goodies are enough to tantalise one’s palate. Served with the aromatic sambar and chutney, south Indian delicacies truly have a charm of their own. Let’s talk about the ever-favourite dosas today. These thin, crispy and delicious crepes, served with the comforting and delicious sides are enough to make someone drool in the first bite itself. 

This has been a comfort food for many for ages now. However, with the increasing number of weird culinary experiments making rounds on the internet, we can’t trust the vendors and food bloggers with our favourite foods anymore. The freedom to experiment has already displeased us with myriads of weird and troubling food combos going up on the internet every single day. 

On today’s ride to the weird food trend world, we are stopping by at ‘Dosa Craft’ for some ‘American Lay’s Dosa’. Yes, you heard it right. A video showing a street vendor making this bizarre dish is making rounds on the internet and the netizens are not happy. Take a look:

In this video uploaded by the food blogger @food_gambler, a street vendor is seen making ‘American Lay’s Dosa’. He first spreads the dosa batter on a hot tawa and begins adding some aloo masala over it. He then proceeds to add crumbled wafers over it and folds the dosa. The dosa is served with sambar and chutney on the side. The video was uploaded three days ago and has garnered around 126k views, over 5k likes and some disturbing comments from foodies around India.

A user commented, “Yahi reha gaya tha aab” while another user said, “Logg pagal ho gaye hai”. 

Will you try this dosa? Let us know.