American Blogger Makes A Mess Of Maggi Noodles, Indian Kid Quickly Corrects Her
Image Credit: Image: YouTube Lisa Ngyuen

Indian cuisine is a wonderful amalgamation of various amazing dishes. And indeed, we Indians take pride in our culinary styles. So, whenever someone else attempts to make one of our dishes, it makes us happy. It gives a sense that Indian food is one of the most popular and loved cuisines in the world. The spices and cooking techniques that we use are truly unique. Perhaps, that is why people from all over the world love to try the recipes from our vibrant cuisine and fall in love with the magic of desi food. For instance, an American food blogger tried her hand at making a staple comfort food from India, but looks like it did not sit well with some of her followers. Well, the dish in question here is none other than our childhood favourite Maggi noodles.  

Maggi noodles have been an intrinsic part of our childhood memories as well as that of our early adulthood. From being our favourite evening binge to midnight saviour during long working nights, Maggi noodles are a dose of nostalgia for most of us, a comfort food we can’t get over with. And if this stands true to you too, you can well imagine the rage people would’ve felt when the blogger messed up their absolute favourite. The good part though is that instead of ignoring the comments, the blogger, named Lisa Ngyuen, paid attention to all the suggestions and uploaded another video with a changed recipe. Yes, that’s right. 

The blogger who has 3.23 million subscribers on YouTube, and an equally amazing following on Instagram, made a short video of making Maggi noodles, where she simply follows the instructions on the packet and prepares a decent looking bowl. However, after watching the video she posted, an Indian kid sends her a long and detailed voice note explaining how to make it the right way, and the first point is to never follow the rules written on the packet and how to make Maggi the right way. 

The video starts with Lisa playing the audio note that she received from the Indian kid who explains that 'we Indians never follow the rules'. He then tells her step by step how to make the classic vegetable Indian Maggi noodles with sausages, onions, garlic, tomatoes, vegetables and other ingredients. Lisa duly follows the instructions and is visibly pleased with the end results! The final dish indeed looks amazing with the addition of egg and spices on top. The wholesome video has received 315k views and thousands of comments. Take a look at the YouTube video here:

While many users were a bit sceptical about how complicated the recipe looked, they were also pleased with the fact that the Indian kid shared it with Lisa. Foodies worldwide were in awe of Lisa’s humility for actually listening and trying the recipe. Some of the top comments on the video are: 

"The fact that she even listened and posted him and took the advice is wholesome and humble.... I love it, good job Lisa" 

"Lisa, you're such a sweetheart. I'm sure that kid is so happy he has a whole video dedicated to him. This is so wholesome" 

"I have NEVER seen Maggi made like this but honestly, I'm tempted to try. He was right about one thing though, there is no one way to make Maggi. Everyone in India has their own little modifications they do to the basic way of cooking it. A lot of people do like it plain but I think, as Indians, our collective extra gene forces us to add more spice and flavour." 

"Never in my entire life I've eaten Maggi this way but sure I'm gonna try it. Thank u to whoever sent those voice notes to her" 

"Oh my God...So impressed by the detailed and specific instructions this boy definitely needed a shoutout really very smart boy" 

The recipe sure looks interesting, and seems like we are definitely going to try it the next time. What about you?