Amaranth Greens: 6 Easy Recipes To Try With Cholai Bhaji
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In a world where kale, fenugreek and lettuce have gained immense popularity, amaranth greens are being largely overlooked in the mainstream diet. Despite their rich nutritional profile and potential health benefits,  they are still not well-known to health enthusiasts and food influencers.

Amaranth greens, also known as cholai bhaji in India, have been used in Indian cooking for quite a long time. These leaves have a similar taste to spinach and it turns slightly sweet after cooking. Available all year round, amaranth greens are extremely versatile and can be cooked in many different ways with just few ingredients and short cooking time.

Packed with vitamins A, C, and K, as well as calcium, iron, and antioxidants, amaranth greens support immune function, bone health, and overall well-being. Their high fibre content aids digestion, while the antioxidants help fight inflammation and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Therefore, including amaranth greens to your daily diet can be a delicious and simple way to boost your nutritional intake.

Learn about the different recipes you can make with amaranth leaves.

1) Chaulai Bhaji Sabji

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When amaranth greens are so flavourful in themselves, there’s hardly any need to include extra spices. You can make an easy stir fried sabji with cholai bhaji by chopping the leaves coarsely and sauteeing it with chopped onions, cumin seeds, some chopped garlic cloves, and dried chilli. Once the greens are reduced to half after cooking for a few minutes, chopped tomatoes and chopped green chillies are included along with some salt. Serve it with rice or roti for a nutritious dinner.

2) Cholai Bhaji Paratha

Greens are a flavourful addition to paratha. Several types of greens like spinach and fenugreek are widely used in making parathas and theplas. And just like that, chopped cholai bhaji is also a flavourful and nutritious ingredient. Just like the standard recipe, chopped cholai bhaji is mixed directly to flour along with spices, cumin seeds, chilli flakes, chopped onions and salt. The mixture is kneaded in too stiff dough and rolled into flattened parathas to cook on griddle from both sides with some oil.

3) Amaranth Greens Dal

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Similar to spinach dal, this recipe uses amaranth greens as a nutritious replacement. Adding amaranth greens to your dal can bring a whole new flavour and texture. Just while creating a temper for your dal, add amaranth greens to it and saute in a deep pan for a few minutes, then pour the dal in the pan and combine the temper and dal well.

4) Stir Fried Potatoes with Amaranth Greens

Potatoes are always delicious when cooked with herbs and greens. If you love methi aloo, you’ll definitely love cholai bhaji aloo. Simply by sauteing chopped boiled potatoes in the stir fried cholai bhaji base, you can create a flavourful recipe in no time. Since you're making it with potatoes this time, use spices to bring more flavour.

5) Amaranth Greens Curry with Paneer

Love palak paneer? Try making it with amaranth greens puree to give it a unique, delicious and healthy take. Similar to palak paneer, start by sauteing pureed amaranth leaves in some oil, cumin seeds, onion, garlic paste, tomato puree and seasonings. Then add fried paneer to it and combine well. Easy to make and ready in a few minutes, this recipe is going to be a cult favourite of your home.

6) Amaranth Greens Fried Rice

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Including amaranth greens to fried rice not only adds flavour, but also brings a delightful texture. You can make it quickly by adding leftover cooked rice to the sauteed amaranth greens sabzi mix and adding spices to enhance the flavour. Additionally, you can include more vegetables like carrots, peas and cabbage to increase the nutritional profile along with taste.