10 Delicious Side Dishes To Pair With Puri

The wheat flour adds a slight nuttiness to the taste, which is moderately savoury. Puri's flexibility is enhanced by its good pairing with a variety of side dishes, such as spicy potatoes and chickpea curry. Puri is a mainstay of Indian cooking and has a delightful blend of texture, fluff, and flavour.

Here is a list of delicious side dishes to have with puri: 

1. Aloo Bhaji:

The traditional side dish with puris, aloo bhaji, pleases the palette with its filling texture and soothing flavour. Diced potatoes are sautéed till golden and soft after being subtly seasoned with cumin, turmeric, and other flavorful spices. It has a pleasingly moderately savoury flavour that is a beautiful fusion of warming spices and earthy potatoes.

The potatoes absorb the fragrant spices, giving the texture a soft quality. This luscious consistency goes well with the crispy and airy puris. When combined, they produce a hearty and delicious blend that is representative of traditional Indian cooking.

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2. Chana Masala:

An ideal side dish for puris, chana masala has a strong, fragrant flavour. Tangy tomatoes, earthy spices, and a hint of citrus from amchoor (dried mango powder) combine to create a flavorful and aromatic chickpea curry. The texture is rich and substantial, with soft chickpeas submerged in a viscous stew flavoured with spices.

A symphony of flavours is produced by the marriage of the substantial, well-spiced chana masala with the tender puris. With its complex flavours and alluring textures, the meal provides a wonderful, soothing, and gratifying taste of Indian food.

3. Aloo Posto:

The distinct flavour and texture of Aloo Posto, a Bengali dish made with potatoes and poppy seed paste, go well with puris. The potatoes soak up the rich and fragrant spices, and the poppy seed paste adds a nutty and somewhat sweet flavour. The texture is a pleasing fusion of the gritty texture of poppy seeds and the creamy texture of potatoes.

Aloo Posto is a rich and filling side dish for puris, bringing the crispy bread and the creamy, aromatic potato dish together in a mouthwatering contrast. When combined, they provide a fulfilling eating experience that perfectly captures the spirit of Bengali food.


Puris are delicious served with payesh, a creamy rice pudding. Its flavour is a balance of sweetness, enhanced by the subtle notes of cardamom, and occasionally topped with almond or pistachio nuts. The soft rice grains are submerged in a creamy, subtly sweetened milk, giving the texture a cosy, velvety quality. When combined with the crunch of puris, payesh gives the dish an opulent feel. This combination is a lovely treat for the palette because of the delightful balance created by the contrast between the warm, creamy custard and the crunchy puris.

5. Matar Ghugni:

Tender green peas are the star of Matar Ghugni, a delicious side dish to go with puris that has a subtle curry flavour. The flavour profile is a well-balanced combination of earthy sweetness from the peas and spicy notes from coriander, cumin, and garam masala.

The frequently tomato-based sauce gives the dish a savoury, tart depth. The curry attains a rich consistency that covers the puri, and the peas provide a subtle bite. The texture is pleasant. Together, the flavours provide a lovely experience that is well-balanced and satiating, with the crispiness of the puri providing a stunning contrast to the meaty and well-seasoned matar ghugni.

6. Sooji Halwa: 

A popular Indian dessert, halwa, goes well with puris because of its distinct texture and rich flavour. These desserts, which include the traditional Sooji Halwa (semolina), Gajar Halwa (carrot), and Atta Halwa (wheat flour), all have an opulent sweetness. In delicious contrast to the crisp and airy quality of puris, the texture is smooth, thick, and somewhat gritty. 

The savoury undertones of puris are ideally complemented by the harmonious blend of halwa, which is flavoured with ghee, sugar, and aromatic spices. They combine to make a rich and well-balanced combination that makes for a filling and authentic Indian dinner.

7. Kosha Mangsho:

Bengali slow-cooked mutton curry, or kosha mangsho, is a tasty side dish that goes well with puris. The flavour is a scrumptious fusion of strong spices, such as garam masala, mustard oil, and caramelised onions, with a touch of sweetness. The mutton becomes succulent and soft from the slow cooking, making it a vessel for the flavorful, rich sauce.

A thick, silky sauce and melt-in-your-mouth meat combine to create the ideal mouthfeel. Kosha Mangsho with puri provides a meal that combines the decadence of deep-fried bread with the savoury intricacy of slow-cooked, spiced mutton, served with puris.

8. Malabar Fish Curry:

A coastal favourite, Malabar Fish Curry has a rich, zesty flavour with a hint of spice. Curry that is tasty and well-balanced is made using coconut milk, tamarind, and aromatic spices. The fish, which is usually firm and succulent, takes on the flavour of the curry and provides a delicious texture combination for the puri. This side dish offers a pleasing contrast to the puri: the crunchy fried bread goes well with the soft fish and rich curry, creating a taste sensation that combines seaside tastes with cosy textures.

9. Bihari Style Chicken Curry:

An aromatic delicacy, Bihari-style Chicken Curry has a deep and savoury flavour profile, and the complex blend of spices, including coriander, cumin, and mustard seeds. Perfectly cooked over low heat, the curry lets the powerful flavour of the spices seep into the soft chicken. The flavour is a well-balanced combination of earthiness, spice, and a small amount of smoke. The curry has a silky texture and tender chicken chunks dipped in a delicious sauce. This recipe, served with puris, creates a gratifying contrast by contrasting the richness of the curry with the crispiness of the bread, making for a filling and aromatic meal.

10. Aamras: 

Aamras Puri, an Indian dessert, with its unique texture and taste, is a wholesome blend of flavours. Beautifully crisp puris compliment the soft and velvety aamras texture, which is prepared with a puree from juicy mangoes like Alphonso, Raspuri, etc., mixed with jaggery or sugar to sweeten it. The flavour brings out the amplitude of the ripe mango with the sweet, sour, and fruity elements in the explosion of flavour signals. Every time you indulge in this delectable delicacy, you feel as if you have been enveloped in Indian summer, pampering your body and soul with a reinvigourating sensation. Aamras puri, with its sharp taste and thick texture, is a great option as a side dish for puri.