Have You Tried These 8 Aloo Baingan Dishes?
Image Credit: Pixabay

As delicious as it is, aloo baingan, if you know how to cook it properly, will taste good. There can be preferences about aloo baingan that are not avoidable, but the dish can be made tasty with lots of spices and the correct process to cook it. With more effort put into cooking, nothing can taste bad or worse but can instantly be made homely and tasty. 

Aloo baingan was rated among the worst dishes worldwide, but we all know that many people worldwide love aloo baingan and its taste with lots of spices. 

Be it also baingan bharta or masala aloo baingan bhurji, these are some of the best food staples in the Indian household. It is served with warm rice or roti with a pinch of ghee to it. Learn about these eight dishes made out of aloo baingan to get the eight tastiest dishes out of the world's worst-rated food. Try out the deliciousness now!

1. Aloo Baingan Curry: The Aloo Baingan Curry is a celebration of flavours and textures. It is best served with fluffy basmati rice or a basket of warm chapatis, this curry transforms ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences. The aromatic spices perfectly balance the earthy creaminess of the potatoes and the slight bitterness of the eggplants. Aloo Baingan Curry is not just a meal; it's comfort food. 

2. Baingan Aloo Bharta: The robust flavours of mashed eggplants and potatoes, with distinct smokiness, are achieved through roasting. You can also try adding mustard oil and some garam masala. It is the perfect layer of flavour that lingers long after the last bite. It is where simplicity meets the unparalleled depth of flavour.

3. Achari Aloo Baingan: Aloo Baingan is a dish that is bold and tangy. You can pair it with steamed rice or the parathas of choice. The pickling spices infuse each bite with a delightfully spicy flavour. As a garnish, yoghurt and fresh mint can be used to make it more elevated. It is a dish that embodies the spirit of Indian kitchens.

4. Dahi Wale Aloo Baingan: This is a dish with textures and flavours that make every bite a journey through the heart. A perfect dish with yoghurt, tender potatoes, and eggplants. It is mildly spiced and delights the senses. Fragrant jeera rice or a steaming plate of pulao will be perfect for it. 

5. Baingan Aloo Tikki: Baingan Aloo Tikki isn't just a snack; it's the best snack! The mashed potatoes and eggplants are shaped into golden-brown patties with lots of spices. You can also try adding mint chutney and chaat masala, elevating these tikkis into an irresistible snack.

6. Aloo Baingan Masala: Each bite celebrates robust flavours—a testament to the versatility of simple ingredients. The coriander adds a burst of freshness, while the lemon juice provides a zesty kick. You can also add dry fruits to it if you want. This is perfect alongside hot chapatis or as a dish with dal and rice.

7. Baingan Aloo Gobi:  When you pair the dish with warm parathas or serve it as a side with steamed rice, it perfectly captures the essence of this dish. The hearty combination of creamy potatoes, eggplants, and cauliflower, with aromatic spices. You can also add a garnish of kasuri methi, enhancing the overall aroma and flavour. 

8. Aloo Baingan Ka Jhol: Savoured with steamed rice, every spoonful of this curry transports you to the heart of home-cooked meals. This is simple and light. You can also add fish to it. The dish has a delicate balance of flavours—slightly sour with potatoes. Add green chillies and a squeeze of lime, elevating the dish.