Almond And Coconut Barfi; Delight For Festive Season
Image Credit: coconut badam barfi/ Instagram- deepika_storiez

Since its beginnings, people have loved the divine mix of almonds and coconuts. Treat everyone's taste buds around you to the alluring flavour of Almond Coconut Burfi using this combination. Offer this delectable burfi to Maa Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on this Diwali to add to the colours of joy and celebration and ask for blessings for wisdom and good fortune. With this coconut and almond-flavoured burfi, which is not only incredibly tasty but also magnificently improves one's health and well-being, you can satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. Coconut is regarded as a superfood since it is high in iron, vitamin B6, and minerals including copper, zinc, and magnesium.

coconut badam barfi/ instagram- deepika_storiez

Almonds, on the other hand, are a great source of fibre, protein, and vitamin E. As long as you keep an eye on the amount of sugar added, you may easily indulge in this delicious burfi without feeling guilty. Even powdered jaggery, maple syrup, or coconut sugar can be used in place of sugar. These barfis are the ideal way to celebrate a variety of events, including birthday celebrations, cat parties, game evenings, potlucks, etc. They will give your gathering the much-needed sweet touch. If you want to indulge your sweet taste without having to worry about it, simply cook this Almond Coconut Burfi in a few easy steps, and then you may stuff yourself silly.


1. 1 cup grated coconut

2. 1 cup sugar

3. 1/2 cup blanched, ground almonds

4. 1/3 cup ghee


1. Take a non-stick deep-bottomed pan and pour the almond and coconut ingredients into it to begin making this delicious burfi. Stir the mixture often to prevent burning while cooking it over a medium flame. When a thick mass is visible, add sugar and fold it back and forth to thoroughly incorporate it into the mass. Turn down the heat and continue cooking until the mixture is almost solid. The outcome will be a combination that resembles dough.

2. Transfer the doughy mixture to the baking sheet after greasing it. Use ghee to grease your hands, then use them to smooth the dough's surface. Cut the mixture into a square and diamond-shaped pieces after allowing it to cool. Enjoy with your loved ones once it has totally cooled.