Alma To Desert King: Discovering 7 Different Varieties Of Figs
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Figs are a type of sweet, edible fruit with a pear shape that grows on little trees with flowers. It belongs to the family Moraceae. It may yield at least 2 or 3 fruit crops every year. Figs are distinguished by their soft fruit, thin skin, and abundance of seeds inside.

However, there are various varieties of figs, which is why we will go into more detail about them in this article. Many people all across the world like the tasty and healthy fruit figs. Figs come in a variety of varieties, each with a distinctive flavour, texture, and appearance. Figs have an amazing flavour, whether they are eaten fresh or dried.


Alma figs have a distinctive texture and mouthwatering flavour. They have won over the hearts of fig lovers everywhere. The exterior is a vivid green and has a shape that is slightly bulbous but tapers out towards the end.

The flesh of the fruit is a vivid pinkish-red colour when you cut into it. Skin that is flexible and velvety surrounds it. It has a chewy, soft texture. For a pleasing bite, it has just the right amount of firmness. The flavour of alma figs is undoubtedly its best feature. They are incredibly sweet and meaty. They are intense in a way that resembles honey. You'll be left wanting more.


Due to their exceptionally sweet flavour, celeste figs are also known as sweet figs or sugar figs. Small to medium-sized fig fruits with brown to purple skin tones are produced by celeste fig bushes. The flesh of celeste figs is a reddish-pink colour. Celeste figs have a chewy texture and berry-like flavour. The seeds are also crunchy.


They can be any shade from pale green to pale yellow, and occasionally they are so light that they are known as "white figs." They are known as candy-striped figs when the exterior is a light green with white stripes. The interior of Adriatic figs is a vivid crimson colour. They have a strong, sweet flavour with flowery and honeyed undertones.

Black Mission Fig:

The most popular kind of fig is the black Mission type. a Spanish origin. Medium-sized to giant fig fruits are produced by black mission trees. The skin is a purple-black colour. Its flesh resembles strawberry jam in colour. It tastes and smells sweet and berry-like. The texture of black mission figs is sticky but chewy. This variety of fig also exhibits tiny seeds.

Brown Turkey:

The distinctive flavour and smooth texture of brown turkey figs make them stand out from other fruits. They have a soft caramel-like flavour when completely ripe. Their inside has a light amber colour, while their outer layer is a deep, rich purple. Brown turkey figs have a flavour that is similar to honey and jam. They are the ideal complement to baked products. Additionally, they taste great on their own.


Calimyrna figs have a larger-than-average size and somewhat golden-green skin. The contrast between their exteriors and their vivid pink interiors makes them even more stunning. Calimyrnas are a terrific alternative only to chop up and serve as-is due to their beautiful interiors.

Desert King:

The rich and magnificent Desert King fig variety is distinguished by its distinctive qualities. They're visually stunning, with a lovely greenish-yellow exterior and a soft, honey-coloured interior.

The juiciness and creaminess are delicately balanced, creating a smooth and luscious texture. Each bite exposes velvety, smooth flesh that dissolves in your mouth with ease.