All About Tonic Water; 3 Recipes Beyond Gin And Tonic
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In today’s day and age, when the landscape of the food and beverage industry is changing rapidly, it is important to rev up our own taste buds as well. With the Indian food industry constantly upping the game with not just following the latest trends but in fact setting the trends, beverages can’t lag behind. As an ardent lover of cocktails, I’m always on the lookout for new cocktails, the latest trends in the beverage industry and so on. In a world full of ‘on the rocks’ and shots, I always find my serving of gin and tonic the best. Which reminds me how tonic water has come a long way from just one half of the classic drink. While the core ingredients are simple: soda water, sugar and quinine—a bitter compound taken from the bark of the cinchona tree, I realised much later how it can be used in so many other drinks.  

Tonic water is known for its distinctive bitterness and is enjoyed around the world. Its origin is both fascinating and surprisingly, close to home. It was during the early 19th century when British troops who were stationed in India were provided with medicinal quinine as a preventive measure against malaria. Quinine on its own is actually what brings bitterness to tonic water, and so in order to mask its taste, British soldiers would often mix it with water and sugar and that’s how tonic water was invented. This was further mixed with gin and that’s how the popular cocktail pairing came about. 

While for most years our options for tonic water was quite limited but off late many brands have come up with quality products. From sugar-free versions to syrups, the variety is surprising. The recipe has evolved too as many brands infuse carbonated water with quinine and a host of flavours. It not only makes it more versatile, but also accessible to a wide audience. 

If you are someone looking beyond gin and tonic, we’ve got three tonic water recipes that fit the bill perfectly. 

1. Curry Leaves And Coconut 

60 ml Gin / Vodka 

• 25 ml Coconut Curry leaf Cordial 

• Jade Forest’s Original Ginger Ale 

• Ice  

• Garnish with curry Leaves 

2. Sweet Lime And Tamarind 

60 ml Gin / Vodka / Tequila 

• 25 ml Sweet lime & Tamarind  


• Jade Forest’s Wild Elderflower 

Tonic Water 

• Ice  

• Garnish : Sweet lime 

Image: Jade Forest

3. Thyme And Honey 

60 ml Gin / Vodka / Tequila 

• 25 ml Thyme Honey Cordial 

• Jade Forest’s Grapefruit Tonic  


• Ice  

• Garnish with thyme