5 Reasons To Add Walnuts To Your Daily Meals

Nuts are one of the healthiest food items on earth. Loaded with various vital vitamins and minerals, they boost immunity, provide energy, aid digestion, and promote healthy skin. These plant-based delights are one of the major sources of nutrients for vegetarians. According to the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, nuts can support your cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation, and contribute to healthy weight gain. 

Speaking particularly about walnuts, they are one of the most consumed nuts in India. 100 grams of these nuts contain 15.2 grams of protein, 6.7 grams of fibre, 98 mg of calcium, 2.91 mg of iron and 441 mg of potassium, as per the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Besides eating on their own, these nuts can be added to our desserts, smoothies, salads, cookies, milkshakes, and many other dishes. 

Here are five reasons to add walnuts to your daily diet: 

Improves Heart Health 

Walnuts are loaded with monosaturated fatty acids like alpha-linolenic acid and linolenic acid. It is beneficial for reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol levels. According to Harvard Medical School, the folate, vitamin E, and good fats of walnuts help in managing blood pressure as well.   

Lowers The Risk Of Diabetes 

Diabetes is very prevalent in India. As per the WHO report, 77 million people are suffering from type 2 diabetes in the country. Consuming walnuts daily can manage blood sugar and reduce the risk of diabetes, says Harvard Medical Health. So, you might want to replace your regular snacks with a handful of walnuts and stay healthy. 

Supports Brain Health 

Walnuts are rich in polyphenolic compounds that reduce oxidants and inflammation in brain cells. As per The Journal of Nutrition, these nuts also help in forming new brain cells and improving memory. Various fats, proteins, fibres, and minerals also contribute to healthy weight gain and muscle building and provide energy. 

Good For Digestion

Gut bacteria play a very important role in keeping the stomach healthy. The compounds present in walnuts promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and reduce the risk of inflammation and obesity. As per the USDA, an adult can eat 1.5 ounces of these nuts daily to maintain the smooth functioning of their digestion. 

Boost Metabolism

Eating a handful of walnuts every day can help boost metabolism. Walnuts are known to be packed with essential fatty acids and digestion-boosting compounds that contribute to the growth and development of the body. A healthy metabolic rate is also beneficial for weight management. So, add walnuts to your daily diet and enjoy these benefits.