AIIMS Canteen To Offer Healthy Eats: Boiled Eggs And More
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

When we think of snacking in India, we immediately think of samosas, pakodas, and kachoris, all of which are deep-fried. And while these snacks are popular among Indians, the adverse effects of such high-calorie and high-fat foods are raising an alarm among health experts. This is AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), which until now had certain options of common fried snacks like samosa and kachori available in its canteen but is now calling for a change. According to a PTI report, India's premier medical institute has made the conscious decision to include some healthy food items in its cafeteria and hostel mess.

On Wednesday, February 8, 2023, AIIMS issued orders to add healthy foods and snacks to its menus. In a communication regarding the same sent to the chairman of the Cafeteria Management Committee, AIIMS Director M Srinivas said, "The existing menu of the cafeteria and hostel mess at the institute provides very limited and conventional food options like samosa, kachori, and bread pakora, which are considered unhealthy food items."

With healthy foods like boiled eggs, milk, sprouts, boiled chana, fruit salad, veggie salad, fresh uncut fruits, and fresh fruit juices, along with microwavable ready-to-make food items requiring 2-3 minutes of cooking like upma, poha, etc., AIIMS is definitely setting some healthy standards. The prices of the dishes may be adjusted accordingly.

Explaining the reason behind the decision, the communication issued by the AIIMS said, "The faculty, resident doctors, nursing officers, and other staff members working at the AIIMS, New Delhi, are involved in patient care and require healthy food to build up and maintain their immunity." 

It has been directed to start serving all the healthy food items in the surgical block cafeteria, the MCH block cafeteria, and all other cafeterias within seven days from the issuance of the letter.