Ahoi Ashtami Special: 4 Types Of Gulgule You Can Make On This Auspicious Day
Image Credit: Instagram Image by @anjuverma.recipes

Ahoi Ashtami is a traditional Hindu festival which is celebrated every year, about a week before Diwali. On this day, every mother indulges herself in the ritual and tradition of observing a fast and offering a puja, as a dedication and devotion to Mata Ahoi or Goddess Parvati. Goddess Parvati is worshipped by mothers for the well-being, safety, happiness and long life of their children. Before the sunset, both the mother and children gather together, worship and sit on the floor and offer prayers while the mothers recite several stories and ancient tales to their kids. The place of worship is sanctified with holy water or Ganga Jal and an image of Goddess Ahoi is drawn, hung on a wall and worshipped with heartfelt sincerity. A special Ashtami Thali is also prepared which is loaded with traditional foods such as Halwa-Puri, Chana, and Gulgule, and is kept in the place of worship while performing the prayers and rituals. This food is served as a Bhog to God and then eaten as prasad. The fast is finally broken after sighting the stars in the late evening.   

Make this year extra special and glorious by making Gulgula an array of unique varieties with all your love and soul. Gulgule or Gulgula are a must on this day, which are basically sweet balls made with jaggery. 

1. Raw banana and paneer gulgule


Along with meethe Gulgule, you can also make a small batch of banana- paneer gulgule that makes it a tastier yet healthier combination to relish on the day of Ashtami. 

2. Meethe Gulgule 

Meethe Gulgule, just as the name suggests are traditional sweet balls prepared with a covering of flour and stuffed with jaggery and flavoured with elaichi and. cumin seeds. This is a traditional dish prepared in every North Indian household.  

2. Coconut Gulgule 

Coconut Gulgule are too delicious, extra sweet and sweet. They are ultimately just as simple to make as every other type. 

3. Mahua Gulgule  

Mahua Gulgule are made with a twist of Mahua paste, which is prepared in rural areas. This is because it's readily available there, although you can always order it online. Mahua is an Indian tropical tree which is known as butternut tree in English. Mahua paste that is used is made by using the flowers of the tree, which tastes sweet with a bit of tartness. These mahua gulgule are wholesome and delicious.