Ahead Of Onam Chef Ajay Chopra Shares A Glimpse Of His Sadya

Kerala is a hub of delicious food and traditions, as well as a wide array of healthy vegetarian dishes. Renowned Indian chef, consultant, and host of the first two seasons of Masterchef India, Chef Ajay Chopra has recently taken to Instagram to share his secrets to a quick Kerala Veg Thali, popular around the year but a special favourite in the run-up to the harvest festival of Onam.

India has always been an agriculturally rich country and over time, farming became the primary occupation for much of our population. In the modern world, we reap those benefits in the form of multiple harvest festivals that spell out good food all through the year! Falling between 20 Aug, 2023 – Thu, 31 Aug, the Onam Sadya is a traditional feast enjoyed during the festival of Onam, celebrated primarily in Kerala. Chef Chopra has shared the recipes for French Bean Thoran, Red Rice, Raw Mango Rasam, Mori Kadhi, Parippu Curry and Parippu Payasam.

Kerala cuisine is renowned for its inherent healthiness, making it a standout among Indian regional cuisines. The emphasis on fresh ingredients, abundant use of vegetables, and the avoidance of excessive spices and oil contribute to its nutritional value. Thoran is usually a mix of vegetable and coconut known for its natural goodness and is a rich source of healthy fats. Rasam and kadhi are also known digestives and even the payasam he showcases features the protein rich dal. Overall, the combination of dishes being showcased makes this Kerala thali a healthy and delicious choice.

This grand vegetarian meal is a culinary delight that showcases the rich cultural heritage and flavours of Kerala cuisine in an array of light and healthy dishes. This feature of Kerala’s special cuisine is typical of Chef Chopra’s style. On his YouTube channel, he often shares dishes from different regions of India that have a touch of his own creative flair.