Affogato Recipe An Italian Dessert For You To Try At Home

A shot of espresso is typically put on top of vanilla or milk-flavored ice cream to make the Italian delicacy known as an affogato. An enjoyable afternoon treat is made of hot, bitter espresso and cold, sweet ice cream. You are welcome to deviate from the traditional pairing and try various ice cream tastes for a fresh spin on an affogato. Maybe chocolate or salted caramel? 

Making an affogato eliminates the need to decide between coffee and dessert after supper. It's really simple to prepare this delicious espresso-topped Italian ice cream dessert. Even if it's ideal for a tea party, it's too wonderful to save for only rare occasions. When you need a seriously delectable afternoon pick-me-up or on a weeknight, indulge in an affogato. 

Espresso and gelato, two of Italy's favourite foods, are combined in the affogato. Affogato, which means "drowned" in Italian, originally appeared in the lexicon in the early 1990s and has since gained popularity all over the world. Instead, you can use strongly brewed coffee and vanilla ice cream instead of espresso and vanilla gelato. If you'd like, add some liquor to it; popular choices include amaretto, hazelnut, and Irish cream. 

It should melt the ice cream if hot coffee were to be added to it, but that is not the case in this instance. The secret is to serve it in an ice-cold dessert bowl or glass. This equalises the temperature differences and causes the coffee to drip down the glass's edges, encasing the luscious frozen cream. The glasses will be ready for your special dessert if you put them in the freezer for at least 15 minutes, or before you sit down to dinner. Here’s a recipe for it. 


1 scoop vanilla gelato, or ice cream 

2 ounces hot espresso, or strongly brewed hot coffee 

Grated chocolate, for garnish 


Put a sizable scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato in a cold glass or dessert dish. Pour the coffee or espresso over the ice cream gradually. Serve with a spoon and top with grated or finely chopped chocolate. 

Quick Tips 

Although espresso is typically used in the affogato, it is not required. Make the strongest coffee you can instead. For the perfect cup of coffee for this treat, use a French press, pour-over brewer, or moka pot. 

Choose gelato or ice cream that has actual vanilla bean taste for the greatest affogato. The vanilla flavour will be more potent and authentic, making it the ideal complement to the coffee.