Advantages of Ash Gourd: 5 Reasons To Eat This Veggie
Image Credit: Drsurendran Tr/facebook

Veggies are an essential source of nutrients that not only provide energy for day-to-day work but also protect us from various diseases. We must include vegetables in our meals every day, as these food items are an integral part of a balanced diet. In India, there are more than two hundred varieties of vegetables available, and each of them has its own set of benefits.

Ash gourd, also known as white melon, is one such vegetable that is very popular in South India and has lots of health benefits. From raita to curry, this vegetable can be cooked in various delicious recipes. Ash gourd can also be consumed as juice with simple ingredients like lemon and black pepper. They are packed with various nutrients and beneficial plant compounds.

Here are five amazing health benefits of ash gourds you must know:

Helps Weight Loss 

Ash gourd can give magical results when added to your weight loss diet. It is rich in fibre and vitamin B2, which keeps you full for a long time. It is also low in fat and calories, which prevents weight gain. Potassium present in the vegetable also provides relief from bloating.

Beneficial For Diabetes

According to PharmEasy, the pulp of the vegetable has some antidiabetic nutrients that help manage blood sugar levels. The juice of the ash gourd can be very effective for diabetic patients, as it is also low in calories, carbohydrates, and fat.

Promotes Digestive Health 

As previously stated, it is high in fibre, which slows the digestion process. Ash gourd has a lot of water content, making it easier for the stomach to digest. If you have any digestion-related problems, like constipation, ash gourd juice will definitely help.

Good For Skin And Hair

Ash gourd has a high content of vitamin E and antioxidants that cure various skin infections and allergies. It also moisturizes the skin naturally. These nutrients are also beneficial for hair growth and dandruff issues.

Increases Energy Levels

The vitamins present in the ash gourd boost energy levels and reduce symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. Consuming this vegetable during the summer also provides a cooling effect, just like cucumbers. According to HealthifyMe, it is beneficial for diseases like anaemia.

Add ash gourd to your diet and stay healthy.