Added Too Much Salt? Follow These Hacks To Balance The Flavour
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The use of salt in our cuisine is crucial. It enhances the flavour of practically anything we put it to, including fruits, cooked meats or vegetables, and even sweets. We all have a tendency to go overboard with the salt we use when cooking at times. Don't worry if you wind up with a salty dish. There are techniques to overcome this circumstance and restore the dish's flavour harmony.


Simply adding more water can assist if your stew, soup, or curry has extra salt in it. Make sure the stock is salt-free if you plan to add it. It's possible that your meal will become watery and lose the desired consistency, but you can simply fix that. Simply create a slurry by combining cornflour and water, then stir it into your dish to restore the proper consistency.


Creamy ingredients have the power to balance out a dish's saltiness. It can also somewhat thin out a curry-based dish when added in liquid form. You might try dilution with cream or milk if your sauce has too much salt. It is preferable to add sour cream or non-fat plain yoghurt to tomato-based dishes and chilli. Even cheese with a creamy texture, such Monterrey Jack, Swiss, or Ricotta cheese, can be used to balance off a dish's salinity.

Acidic Agent

If you want to change the amount of salt in a recipe, using an acidic ingredient like lemon juice, white vinegar, or apple cider vinegar can be a terrific solution. Sometimes people mistakenly believe that a dish needs salt when all it really needs is acid. Avoiding excessive salt consumption can be accomplished by being aware of the flavours.


It may be a good idea to bulk up the meal with additional vegetables if you were creating a modest amount of food that turned out to be salty. Additionally, low-sodium beans, potatoes, and unsalted rice are options. As the noodles absorb some of the liquid, they can also help to cut down on the saltiness. Even if you have extra food, you won't be throwing it out, so you can utilise it later.

A small amount of honey, molasses, or sugar (either white or brown) can help balance the flavours of a dish by reducing the saltiness of the dish. For adjusting darker sauces, brown sugar works well.