Add A Traditional Touch To Your Dinner By Trying These Rajasthani Dishes
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Rajasthani cuisine is the cuisine of North-West India's rugged Rajasthan area. It was influenced by both the inhabitants' warlike behaviours and the scarcity of ingredients in an arid region. It was preferred to eat food that could last several days and could be eaten without heating. Water scarcity and a lack of fresh green vegetables have all had an impact on cookery. Bikaneri bhujia, Mirchi vada, and Pyaaj kachori are some of the popular delicacies. Dal Baati, Malaidar special lassi (lassi) and Lashun ki chutney (hot garlic paste), Mawa lassi from Jodhpur, Alwar ka mawa, Malpauas from Pushkar and rasgulla from Bikaner, "paniya" and "gheriya" from Mewar are among the other notable delicacies. The Rajputs, who are predominantly non-vegetarians, have also influenced Rajasthani cuisine. Game meat and recipes like Laal maas (meat in red sauce), Safed maas (meat in white gravy), and Jungli maas were staples in their diet (game meat cooked with basic ingredients).

Here are some Rajasthani delicacies to have for your dinner-

Dal Bati Churma

If Rajasthan had to have a national dish, Dal bati Churma would be it. Batis are hard round-shaped dumplings that are crispy on the exterior and soft on the inside, made with whole wheat flour cooked over fires. The dal is created using spices and different lentil kinds that have been soaked in water overnight. The crushed bati is mixed with sugar or jaggery and dipped in ghee. Baked bati, dal, and jaggery blended churma make a filling and delectable dinner when combined.

Kachori aloo is a match made in heaven/