Adah Sharma’s Diet And Fitness Secrets Revealed!
Image Credit: Instagram/Shutterstock

The Kerala Story actor Adah Sharma has been in the limelight ever since talk about the movie began. While the controversial movie might have made a lot of buzz for many reasons, Adah’s acting in the film has garnered a lot of appreciation from critics and the masses alike. Besides her acting prowess, Sharma has been the talk of the town for her fit physique and glowing skin as well. And so, we decided to dig up her diet secrets. Not the one to skip her workout even for a day, Adah follows a disciplined lifestyle and never misses her workout routine.

As per reports, Adah confessed to having always been a vegetarian. But more so, she loves all things homemade. She has been a staunch supporter of having home-cooked vegetarian meals and doesn’t like to indulge in food outside much. Well, let’s just agree that nobody can say no to mom-made food. Can we? And Adah, too, is just like us. Food prepared by her mother and grandmother with less oil and spices is her ultimate feast.

Here are some of Adah’s favourite foods and diet secrets:

Idli And Sambhar

Much like her character in The Kerala Story, Adah is fond of simple South Indian food, and idli-sambhar is one of the staples she loves noshing upon. Besides, dosa and avial are some of her comfort foods, which she often posts pictures of.


Adah has often spoken about the nutrition bananas can provide us with and loves to include the fibre-rich fruit in her daily meals. 


The actor tries to follow a vegan diet as much as possible, with her diet being free of milk and dairy products except for curd. Adah likes to have a bowl of curd sometimes with her meals. 


If there’s one food that most Indians simply can’t resist the sight of, it's golgappe! Pani puri, puchka, gupchup, or just golgappe—call it whatever you want, but the tangy street food is sure to tingle your taste buds every time you try it. And for Adah too, golgappe is her ultimate favourite cheat meal, along with pizza.