Abundance In Millets' Featuring PM Modi Earns A Grammy Nod

When 2023 was declared the Year Of Millets, we could never have guessed how big this humble grain was about to get. But after being the star of many conferences and making it to the plates of world leaders, millets have now made it big in the world of music, earning international acclaim and a Grammy Nomination under the category of 'Best Global Music Performance'.

The song "Abundance in Millets," featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has received recognition at the 2024 Grammy Awards. It secured a nomination in the Best Global Music Performance category and is the creation of Falu and Gaurav Shah. "Abundance in Millets" marked a tribute to the 'International Year of the Millets.' According to information on Falu's website, the Indian government presented the proposal, recognising India as a leading producer of this supergrain. The proposal garnered support from 72 countries and the United Nations General Assembly.

Video Credits: Falu Music/YouTube

The song was written about ending world hunger through agricultural prosperity and the return of the ancient millet grains. As an artist, Falu has been committed to using her platform for positive social change and said she was inspired to pen this song after meeting Prime Minister Modi last year. She suggested that PM Modi feature on the song, and he agreed, so excerpts from his speech at the Global Millets (Shree Anna) Conference in March this year are woven into the track. 

The lyrics highlight the different types of millet with pearl millet (bajra), finger millet (ragi)  amaranth (rajgira), ragi (nachni) and more getting their own shout-out. The video also showcases the journey of the millet from sowing to harvest with cinematic shots through verdant fields interspersed with useful nutritional infographics and visual montages of the many ways millets can be eaten. The song not only spotlights the grain which until recently was highly marginalised, but also suggests that millets are the key to ending world hunger. 

Though Prime Minister Modi winning a Grammy was not on anyone’s radar of possibilities for this year it seems like his campaign to bring back millets has reached a new height. Through this song, these once-shunned super grains are set to take on a global stage. 

The other contenders in the category comprise Arooj Aftab, Vijay Iyer & Shahzad Ismaily with "Shadow Forces," Burna Boy with "Alone," Davido with "Feel," Silvana Estrada with "Milagro Y Disastre," Béla Fleck, Edgar Meyer & Zakir Hussain featuring Rakesh Chaurasia with "Pashto," and Ibrahim Maalouf featuring Cimafunk & Tank and the Bangas with "Todo Colores."