Absolute Barbecues & Slurrp Community Unite At A BBQ Bash
Image Credit: Ab's Absolute Barbecues

Beneath a canopy on a roof top, culinary enthusiasts gathered atop the Marathahalli outlet of Absolute Barbecues for an unforgettable evening of gastronomic exploration. The restaurant opened out their newest and most spacious roof-top section for over 50 members of the Slurrp community and played host to an exclusive barbecue workshop spearheaded by their regional head chef, Vishal Sharma.

The evening was a culinary extravaganza, with Chef Vishal sharing valuable cooking tips and showcasing innovative kebabs such as the biryani-raita kebab, pasta stick pot, and char-grilled lentil satay. The participants were actively engaged, answering and asking questions about barbecue techniques and ingredients. To top it off, members of the Slurrp community had the opportunity to man the barbecue grill, preparing mouthwatering dishes like Churasco pineapple and Churasco chicken.

"AB's Absolute Barbecues has always been about creating memorable dining experiences, and tonight is no exception. We're here to share our love for grilling and see the Slurrp community embrace it with open arms as our head chef, Vishal Sharma, conducts a workshop on mastering the art of barbecue," said Mr. Rishi Khanduri, Territory Manager, South, Absolute Barbecues, as he expressed the restaurant's commitment to creating unforgettable dining experiences. 

Following the workshop, a sumptuous dinner was served, featuring the chef's special dishes and an array of over 90 delights in a table-top grill and buffet dining experience. Chef Vishal Sharma shed light on the restaurant's bustling operations, stating, "ABs operates 10 outlets, which are spread across Bengaluru to cater to food lovers."

He continued, "In our newest rooftop space here, it is a celebration every day. We host birthday parties, large family gatherings, corporate team outings, and other functions, and it can cater to about 100–120 diners at a time."

Chef Vishal Sharma emphasised the restaurant's commitment to making diners' celebrations truly special, whether it's a birthday or any other occasion. "Food is one thing, and a complete dining experience is another. So,all our diners' celebrations become our own. When it is a birthday, we provide a banner, balloons, cake and candles, birthday songs, and more. And we strive to ensure that our diners walk out of here only after they are happily fed with the wide food selection that we offer," he said.

Members of the Slurrp community had a delightful evening, learning barbecue tips and tricks, enjoying a scrumptious dinner, and spending quality time with loved ones. "I am from Lucknow and have been living in Bengaluru since 2019. It was an amazing experience today because we learned certain barbecue tips and tricks that I didn't know as a home chef until now. I make various kinds of biryanis myself, but I learned how to make biryani kebab for the first time here today, and I am definitely going to try it soon. Churasco pineapple was my favourite dish today. It was so juicy and yummy," shared Farheen, a Slurrp community member.

The dinner featured mocktails like virgin mojitos and lemonades, accompanied by multiple rounds of kebab skewers placed on the table-top grill. The evening was further enlivened by a lively dance performance by the energetic staff for a foot-tapping number. "I enjoyed this evening, and I am happy that I got to learn how to make the pasta stick pot. And I can't wait to go back and try it at home. We were vegetarians today and were glad to find so many vegetarian options like the crispy fried corn, cajun-spiced potatoes, pasta stick pot, char-grilled lentil satay, angoori jamun, paan ice cream, and more," says Sayed Tahseen Munavar from Slurrp Community.

Overall, it was a fantastic opportunity to attend this exclusive workshop at the spacious Absolute Barbecues in collaboration with the Slurrp community. The event provided insights into fusion food and barbecue meals, leaving attendees eager to try the recipes at home. "Although I am a non-vegetarian, my family and I enjoyed the vegetarian options thoroughly here at Ab's," said Adwitiya Das from the Slurrp Community.