Aamir Khan Relishes Mangoes With Son Azad: Quick Mango Dishes To Try
Image Credit: Aamir Khan enjoys mango with is son Azad/ Instagram

It’s the season of mangoes and how can one stay away from this kind of fruits. With variety if mangoes like hapus, langda, alphanso and available in the market, you are almost spoilt for choices. It’s not just us who crave for mangoes but also our beloved Bollywood stars love this fruit to the core and the same can been seen in Aamir Khan’s latest post where he is seen enjoying mangoes like an “aam aadmi” along with his son Azad Rao Khan. Aamir Khan took to Instagram captioned the series of pictures having mangoes as “Have you treated yourself and your family with some 🥭 yet?

Father-Son duo relishes some mangoes/ @Insagram


So before the season of mangoes goes away and you have to wait for another year, here are few mango desserts for you to relish. 

Mango Sorbet

This low calorie dessert is perfect to quench your mango urge. The sorbet sees a combination flavour of sweet mangoes along with some tart lime, which makes this dessert absolutely refreshing and indulge. Easy breezy to make this dessert just sees three ingredients: mango, lime, and sugar.

Aam / Mango Kheer

Prepared from Mango pulp, full fat milk, and gobindobhog rice, this quick and easy summer dessert is something to cherish each season. The trick lies in adding the pulp once the kheer is cooled so the milk doesn’t curdle. The mango pulp goes well with the rice kheer elevating the taste of kheer

Aam Sandesh

This all time Bengali favourite sweet sees many flavour and taste from time to come but come summers, Mango Sandesh is found in each every shop in Kolkata. This classic Sandesh sees a twist with the addition of mangoes. Made with fresh chenna, sugar and mango puree, this dessert is an all time delight for one and all. It’s always advisable to make the aam pulp at home. 

Mango Crumb Bars

Healthy and delightful, mango crumb bars are sweet, chewy and absolutely delightful. The flavour of mango in each bar makes it delectable. The in-between hunger pangs this snack is absolutely perfect. 

Mango Cobbler

Move over peach or strawberry cobbler, it’s the season of Mango Cobbler. 100% divine, the cobbler sees a filling of mangoes and cinnamon sugar that is put inside the crumbly. This sweet dessert can be had both hot, cold, or at room temperature; but it is best enjoyed with a scoop of ice cream on top preferably vanilla. 

Aam Raas

How can one miss Aam raas this season? This creamy rich mango dessert that can be enjoyed as it is or with some puri’s, Aamraas is popular in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan. Silky smooth, easy-to make this dessert is absolutely sinful.